Glenda (It’s not about a girl)

There’s a storm raging here in the Philippines called locally as Typhoon Glenda. It is quite strong, the winds are blowing hard, and the rain is making it worse. This is really the first time I have experienced a storm like this, ever. Typhoon Ondoy was just rain with severe floods, Typhoon Yolanda did not devastate Luzon that much, and we still had electricity, but this typhoon?!? It’s freaking strong! Now it’s very windy, rainy, and we have no electricity.

Still, I have to be grateful that I’m still  safe and dry unlike others. Also, I am thankful the iPad was charged, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this up. Also, I’m thankful the two days of suspension came so that we would have a rest from the energy-sapping school days. Even though I am mad at the storm, I am still grateful for a lot of things.

I love the days when you could simply focus on writing. Well, I’m given a day like that, with a storm raging outside. Sad the internet is down, and I can’t post this right away, and the iPad battery is limited. Still, I have to repeat, I am thankful for many things even in a time like this.

My philosophy in life is “Live in the present.” Well, I think I will add another one, “There is an upside in every downside”. Right now, I am typing this up, beside my mom, cutting Gabee’s nails with the help of a too-powerful flashlight.  I’m sure mom will agree to what I’ve typed here.

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