When I walk my dog

This summer, walking our dog is something I like to do after I do my Kumon. I always put the leash on our female Jack Russell terrier dog, named Chloe, then I walk out with someone. I enjoy doing this everyday.
What I want you to know is that we use Chloe as a watchdog with our Rottweiler dog, named Weiler. We also use her (Chloe) as a mouse-catcher. This makes it difficult to pull her out because she keeps looking for mice. You might think it’s a bit odd for a dog to catch mice, because it’s always done by cats. Well, it ain’t.
Another thing is that Chloe is very strong. Mom keeps worrying that I might trip on the leash. She (Chloe) walks zigzag. She would walk to the left, and I would pull her to the right, then she walks to the right, and I pull her to the left.

Chloe is trying to find a mate. I love this idea, because I wanna see Chloe’s puppies. Whenever she meets a dog, they would sniff at each other. We even had to stay away from male dogs! Every dog that sees her goes near her, really.

Chloe seems to be very interested with canals. Whenever she sees one, she automatically goes there. We always have to pull her from the canal.

That’s what happens when I walk my dog.




Thank-You Notes

This is a collection of thank-you notes to people I love (with one bully)

Thank you, Soleil

Thank you for the books you gave me on my birthday. I loved them all. I like “Journey to the Center of the Earth” best. Next time it’s my birthday, please give me “Boy” by Roald Dahl.
Thank you for defending me from the bullies. With you, I always feel protected. You were like my bodyguard.
Thank you for being my BFF. I would tell you my stories, and you would always listen (except the time I told you about the time I was a baby, when you answered, “Garrett, I was trying to sleep!”) and you would tell your stories in return happily.
Thanks for being my trusted friend. I would tell you my thoughts, and you wouldn’t tell them (except for the time I told you about giving Tiara and my ex-friend Rosel a bouquet of flowers during Valentine’s Day, you yelled at me, dumbfounded, “WHAT?!?! I’m gonna tell that to Anna.” You did tell it to Anna, and I got bullied).
Thank you for all that you did for me, Soleil.

A. Garrett O. Lubag

Thank you A.Gabrielle

Thank you for making me happy all the time. Your attitude has the right mix of naughtiness, happiness and love.
Thank you for reminding me what to do. You always remind me of mama who always tells me what to do.
Thank you for the times you would complain that we were very noisy. You remind me to keep quiet, control myself from laughing, and turn down the volume of the television.
Thank you for the time we play together. We always had fun watching videos on YouTube, jumping on the bed, playing the iPad and more.
Gabrielle, if you weren’t here, none of this would happen.
I love you, Gabrielle.

A. Garrett O. Lubag

Thank you Paul Jerome

Thank you for pulling tricks on me. You inspired me with many ideas to pull on everyone. Remember the time you put your accomplice Iñigo’s shoes in my basket and you and Iñigo acted like I stole it.
Thank you for bullying me. You taught me how to behave like a man. It’s like you are the teacher of discipline, too.
Thank you for stubbornly reading one of my notes to our teacher. You made me learn that I need a notebook with a lock to keep my notes secret.
Last of all, thank you for making fun of me. My life is like an “Oggy and the Cockroaches” life. Of course, you’re interested in the WWE, not cartoons.

A. Garrett O. Lubag

Thank you Ninang Arlene

Thank you for sacrificing money to give us what we wanted even if we don’t ask for anything. Just writing this one makes me cry, because we are so far away and there’s a fee for shipping, and you still send us what we wanted. I’m still crying right now. Right now, since you lost your job, and you are saving money, please spend it only on what you need. I don’t want you to be poor, living on the street.
Thank you for downloading Skype so that we could see each other’s faces. I always feel that you’re in front of me, talking to each other. I would talk to you about many things, and you were always interested.
Thank you for being proud of us two: Gabrielle and me. You always commented, “Galing mo naman (you’re very great)!”. We always showed you what we achieved, and you are always happy.
Last of all, thank you for treating us like gold. In return, we will always love you very much.

A. Garrett O. Lubag

My favorite author

Roald Dahl is my favorite author well-known for his children’s books. I’m really a total fan of him. To prove it, I have eleven children’s books by Roald Dahl:
Matilda – It’s about a brilliant, sensitive, kind, small girl who loves reading born with parents who treat her, surprisingly like scabs and bunions. She studies in a village school ruled by a gigantic kid-hating mistress called Miss Trunchbull. She defends her favorite teacher, Miss Honey, for financial security.
James and the Giant Peach- It’s about a lonely boy named James Henry Trotter who accidentally drops magic crystals on a peach tree that doesn’t bear fruit, causing it to bear a peach as big as a house. James crawls inside the peach finding 7 overgrown insects. They snip off the stem, and the adventure begins.
The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me- It’s about a boy named Billy who encounters The Ladderless Window Cleaning Company consisting of a monkey, a giraffe and a pelican.
The Twits- It’s about a nasty, dirty, foolish couple whose names are Mr. Twit and Mrs. Twit that hate everything except play tricks on each other(not only on April Fool’s Day), have Bird Pie every Wednesday, and train their monkeys upside down.
George’s Marvelous Medicine: It’s about a boy who makes a medicine for her grandma who has odd views.
Fantastic Mr. Fox- It’s about a fox who saves his family from starvation.
The Magic Finger- It’s about a girl who accidentally places her magic finger on the Gregg family.
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory- It’s about a poor boy who finds a Golden Ticket, and is ready for a big adventure.
Going Solo- It’s the second autobiography of Roald Dahl as he writes his adventures as a fighter pilot during World War II.
The BFG- It’s about Sophie’s adventures with the BFG.
Esio Trot- It’s about Mr. Hoppy’s plan to win Mrs. Silver’s love.
Roald Dahl’s writing is very adventurous. You can imagine yourself with The Queen of England in The BFG, fly across the ocean on a peach in James and The Giant Peach, watch Mom and Michael shriek at Dad in Matilda, and more.
Some of Roald Dahl’s books have been turned into movies. Examples are: Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
There is a museum on Roald Dahl in Great Missenden. There you’ll find out a lot of Roald Dahl’s life.
For more information on Roald Dahl, go to http://www.roalddahl.com

A surgery! But I’m not sick!

A surgery! But I’m not sick!
I bet you wanna know what surgery (or operation, if it isn’t a surgery) I had. If I’m right, here’s what you do:
1. Read this post.
2. Answer the question: “What operation is done on boys?”
Leave your answer on Comments. If you get the right answer, congrats!

Last Friday, I went to The Medical City to be circumcised by Dr. Gaston. I went to the 3rd floor, to the operating room. I was a total wreck when I got there. My dad answered some questions about me, the operation, allergies and more. I had to change to a gown and slippers and worse, I wasn’t supposed to wear my underwear!!!!! I have two things to say about it. First, I looked so ridiculous. I’m more of a shirt-and-short boy. Second, I was so so so so embarrassed, hoping no one will see me. I was sitting on a wheelchair when someone pushed it to the operating room. I laid down on a bed. One of the assistants put a shield so I wouldn’t see the operation. Kinda glad it happened.
Dr. Gaston injected an anesthesia at my bladder. It was so so so painful! Worse, the doctor told me not to clench my butt! I know you might think it’s ridiculous, absurd, dotty.
After that, the doctor with the assistants started the operation. I didn’t feel anything, really. All you feel are the doctor and the assistants moving “it”. The doctor kept making jokes, maybe to calm me down. When the operation ended, I felt like I was restricted from moving. I had to spray a cleaning solution. I had to take antibiotics. I had to even walk with my legs wide, and I couldn’t be a side-sleeper, which kept me up all night.
So, boys, this is what might happen to you when you get circumcised at The Medical City with Dr. Gaston.


Chocolate is very delicious
No wonder chocolate makers are so ambitious
Chocolate is very sweet
It’s just as sweet as red beet
Chocolate is such a hit
It’s everybody’s favorite
Chocolate makes each one happy
I think it can turn a sad person giggly
There was a greedy boy who is a fat dude
He goes by the name Augustus Gloop
He will grab anything that’s chocolate
That’s the reason why he’s always late
Once while he toured Mr. Wonka’s factory
He drank from a prohibited chocolate waterfall
He did not know his parents’ faces would be full of fury
And he regretted the fact that he drank from the chocolate waterfall
He got sucked up by a thin glass pipe
Which led him to where they make strawberry-flavored chocolate fudge
He got as thin as a stripe
He would never hold a grudge
Too much chocolate is bad
There was a person who had
A lot of times when he was late
Because he ate a lot of chocolate
Chocolate can be very good
Chocolate can be bad
What I’m telling you is that
Don’t eat a lot of chocolate

All it takes is one more glance and a bit more time

Some things which promise to be good at first glance may not seem good anymore later on. The opposite is true for some not-so-good things at first glance. This has happened to me with a book.
I was in a bookstore in SM City Taytay. I didn’t know what book I wanted. Mom bought a book titled ” Young Blood 4″. It was a book of selected articles from the Young Blood column of the Philippine Daily Inquirer written by young adults in the years 2005-2011. Mom suggested that I should read “Our other mother” by Nicole Perreras published on February 26,2005. It was about Nicole’s brother’s nanny for many years but moved to America for bigger salaries, and Nicole feeling guilty because their nanny still gives them gifts when they visit her.
At first, I didn’t like the book. It was on one night that I developed a liking for some articles. I’m naming a few:
1. “Hold-up” by Froilan Grate published on August 18, 2009
2. “Cheating” by Roger Fantonial Garcia on October 6, 2011
3. “The traveler” by Jenny Santi on May 6, 2007
Best of all is “Death of uncertainty” by Nice-Nice on May 14,2005.
Everyone in the book has their own story to tell. Eljohn Yee wrote about the gender stereotypes and playing with kitchen toys. Patricia G. Malong wrote about the reality of being an entrepreneur. Micca Basco wrote about her Nokia 3530.
The book has a lot of feelings. Love, joy, anger, realization and regret are just a few.
What I am trying to tell you is that the things you may not like can turn into things you like with one more glance or two. This might happen to you someday.