The New Normal

My last day of classes was on March 12, and that was the last time I ever saw my school during my 11th Grade. I don’t like to say that I wanted the abrupt interruption of my school life, but I very much appreciated a break from having to worry over requirements I need to pass. My subjects were already giving us tons of online requirements to submit since the teachers were too busy to teach classes. Research presentations, manuscripts, and experiments were already giving my partner and I so many mental breakdowns since we were not meeting our advisor’s and teacher’s expectations. Stuff I needed to read piled on top of stuff I needed to write which piled on stuff I needed to answer. You couldn’t really blame a student for being happy about the cancellation of classes if it meant that they could actually sleep without panicking over schoolwork.

My school decided not to pursue online classes, which was definitely a godsend (our Internet can barely cope with Dad working from home). My school did a quick survey asking us about our home conditions and our internet connection. The results made them decide to cancel online classes entirely, which made me infer that many students did not have a strong internet connection. What my school did was maintain the grades we had during the 3rd quarter for the 4th quarter, send enrolment forms online, and start the next school year teaching students what should have been taught this year. I already fixed my enrolment forms, and I definitely joked to Mom that she should be proud of me for keeping my grades high.

Mom and Dad both wanted my sister and I to be productive this quarantine and I think my sister’s doing well in that aspect. My sister spends most of her time on her iPad writing stories online, but I can’t enjoy her stories because she likes to hurt her characters. I spend most of my time either chatting with friends, watching YouTube, or learning Kpop dances. I also started to review for CETs (college entrance exams), since I will be graduating this incoming school year. Dad doesn’t want my sister to spend the whole quarantine lazing around acting like everyday’s a vacation, so he wants to homeschool us. I’m a bit worried about that; in the 17 years of me knowing him, I bet he’ll lose interest as fast as he lost the motivation to use his treadmill.

My dream college right now is UP Diliman, since it’s the campus closest to me and I do not want to pay for tuition. I’m planning on taking other college entrance exams as well such as Ateneo’s and La Salle’s. In case I only pass for colleges that have tuition, I’m planning on being a working student since most of my parents will devote their resources to Galen. I’m still figuring out what career I really want, but my research helped me narrow out 2 options; I could be a child psychologist or a school counselor. I originally wanted to pursue criminal psychology since I became interested in true crime documentaries and crime shows. Over time though, I realized that I’d rather help out children and teenagers with their problems than people who make me lose hope in humanity.

This incoming school year will be my last year of high school. And I am dreading it. This year will be the most hectic school year I will ever take. My subjects may be few, but my teachers love giving online requirements even when they’re in school as well. I don’t blame the teachers themselves for being very busy, but a lot of students spend their lunch money on mobile load to be able to submit requirements. Also, the research I conducted with my partner was unfinished, and that’s a requirement for graduation. I’m not sure how I will manage reviewing for CETs, finishing research, studying for my other subjects, and managing extracurricular activities all in 1 school year. If I come out of this school year alive, it will be quite a miracle.

2020 was just supposed to be the year when I would finally become an adult, but so many events have happened. As much as I love the vacation I got from quarantine right now, I’m just waiting for everything to go back to the old normal so that I can socialize with people. For now though, I’ll stay safe, stay home, and pray that we can eventually win against coronavirus.

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