Art for the ADHD Chatterbox

I feel mixed. Sometimes I’m crazy, sometimes practical, sometimes resourceful, and all other emotions or feelings you know.
Don’t even ask me how I make ordinary things crazy. I don’t even know, it just comes to me naturally. (Don’t even jump to conclusions.)
Let’s take art. Our art teacher instructed us to make an abstract drawing. I looked in my bag, then found out that all I have are oil pastels and my sketch pad. For the non-ADHD types, they would be totally shocked, then use that as an excuse for not doing anything. For me since I have ADHD, yes, I got shocked, but because my brain has gone haywire, my brain suddenly got thinking about what I could do with oil pastels only, nothing more.
After that, I got down to work, making an abstract with only oil pastels. I didn’t use a single color twice. I didn’t go for plain coloring, that would be too conventional. What I wanted was an abstract that is so different from others, so I used cross-hatching, zigzags, and other things I thought of.
The end result was a crazy, doodle-like, and patterned abstract. Good thing my art teacher thought of it as okay. My hot-headed classmate and my mature classmate both got genuinely shocked and liked it.
I tried to draw a melamine container before. It looked awful. Then, I drew a color pattern some weeks after that lesson. It was so beautiful, unlike the non-ADHD types, who would usually be good at drawing still life.
So, with art, please do not make me draw even still life. But, I’d love making patterns in art.