Summer Fun in Boracay

Hi, this is Garrett. My summer has started a month ago, which is kind of late compared to others who start school in June. During that month, I mostly spent time with my sister in the house mooching around and doing chores. I mostly swam and danced to Kpop dance practice videos, so I’m not sure if that was me being productive.

What I wanted to write about is the Boracay trip that we went on to celebrate my aunt’s and my sister’s birthday. It lasted around 4 nights, and we spent most of our time swimming. All of us came back with serious tan lines, but it was a very relaxing and amazing vacation.

So the first day started really early because our flight was at 7 am. We got ready and all, but due to stuff that the announcer said that I forgot, we ended up leaving Manila at 8. The flight was uneventful, and it was only when I stepped out of the plane that the reality hit me: I was in Boracay. And I’ll be honest; I was awestruck, but that admiration slowly turned to horror when I kept hearing the prices of common goods. To foreigners, they might seem cheap, I won’t lie. Ice cream for like maybe 1 USD doesn’t sound expensive. But to Filipinos who normally buy the same ice cream for way less, that is quite a shock. It seemed like lots of items had a markup of past 100%. There are many various reasons why, and I won’t bother explaining. But do know that if you travelled to somewhere in Luzon, you would pay way less to get the same goods.

Once we arrived to our hotel via e-trike, we ate lunch and waited until 2 pm to check in. During that afternoon, we went to D-mall at Station 2, where my younger cousins and my sister swam at the beach. D-mall was mostly sprawled out, and we walked a lot just to check out most of the restaurants and shops they had to offer. The beach though is what I truly liked. The sand was so soft, and the waves were so strong. It may not sound impressive to others, but the only beaches I’ve been to so far were quite rough on the feet. That beach was what you would see in advertisements of Boracay. We ate dinner at a high-end restaurant, then we hit the hotel again to rest.

The second day was mostly spent at another beach. We woke up early to visit Puka beach via shuttle. Puka was a great beach, but the sand was kind of rough. I think my relatives liked it because very few people visited it. One highlight of that day was my mom, sister, aunt, and cousins getting their hair braided. Both my mom and my sister got Dutch ponytails, while my aunt and cousins got a diagonal French braid.  We had lunch, then went swimming until 2 pm. We went back to the hotel and rested for a bit.

Mom then took me along to Citymall via shuttle. There was a very loud Zumba class ongoing, which made me look at the foreigners and think, “Is this what you think we do all the time?” We went to Watsons to get some supplies, then visited a pasalubong store to get barquillos. Lastly, we visited Mang Inasal to get dinner for all of us, then we left for the hotel.

The third day was the most eventful. We went island-hopping in the morning, then we swam in Station 2 the whole afternoon. The island-hopping experience was magical. We visited 4 stations around the sea, where the boat would drop the anchor and we could snorkel. Snorkelling was a blast! The colourful aquatic biodiversity of Boracay was so breath-taking. Fishes, sea anemones, coral reefs, and sea urchins lured the eyes of the tourists, and made them acknowledge their ethereal beauty. It made up for my frustration at my 2 younger cousins who were a bit high-maintenance.  I managed to see shrimpfish! They’re fish that swim vertically, btw.

After the island-hopping experience, we ate lunch, then went swimming at Station 2. I had a lot of fun there, truly. The waves were strong enough to knock me over, while the sand was so soft. It was a bit crowded, but that was okay. I kept on swimming from noon to sunset, so you could already imagine the very strong tan lines I had. Even as I write this, my face still sports a tan line around my eyes. We ate dinner at Dencio’s, then we went back to the hotel.

We spent the first half of the 4th day at Station 2, and the other half at the hotel. We went swimming, and ate lunch at Max’s. I was so tired from all the swimming we did since coming to Boracay, and so I took a long nap, only to be woken up for picture-taking. Then we spent the night celebrating the birthdays of my sister and aunt with a nice dinner.

We woke up very early on the 5th day because we had to be at the airport around 6. The flight was uneventful, but it felt great to come back home. (It didn’t feel as great to do chores, though, but stuff had to be fixed.)

So that’s what happened during my vacation in Boracay, I hope you enjoyed reading this.


Independence Day Spent Independent of the City

Yesterday was Independence Day. We spent the day on our favorite beach, the La Luz beach resort. Today, we’re still here, taking a nap, using Facebook/Clash of Clans, because it is too hot to take a dip in the beach. 

Yesterday, we spent most of the morning on the way to La Luz. We left at 7 and arrived at 11:33 am. I won’t bore you out with more details. Let’s continue.
When we checked in already, we found our cousins who just finished swimming/snorkeling at the beach. We got a temporary room at the top, while our cousins had a permanent room at the bottom. The rooms at the top have an attic which houses three beds. The attic is great for chitchat at the beds, where we spill out the latest gossip, experiences, and sometimes talk about the past, just like Throwback Thursday. 
We first ate lunch. I don’t remember what we ate, and I won’t elaborate. Let’s talk about our experiences at the beach. We had to get life vests for all of us, and we had to take turns with the snorkels. We kept on snorkeling to the white raft. The white raft, to us, was a milestone in swimming. It meant that if we could swim there, we were brave and experienced enough to swim there, since it is quite deep. The honor was better when you didn’t need a life vest to get there. Everyone was able to swim there, but only a few were brave enough to jump from the white raft into the ocean. I wasn’t included, I guess, because I can only do the cannonball. We sometimes fought over the snorkels. Adults eventually also took a dip in the beach. The men also went to the white rat, while the women stayed on the seashore. I almost drowned with Joshua while we were snorkeling and saw a sea anemone. The beach also has so many fish. Yannah went to the beach stark naked at first. Then, someone gave Yannah her swimming suit.
Dinner was the best. There were über-delicious chocolate chip cookies, hot pumpkin soup, fried chicken, baked potatoes, onion rings, fish fillet, and cupcakes. We stuffed till we dropped. The adults stayed on for chitchat about Baker King. 
After we ate, all the children went to the attic. We did spill out the latest gossip, experiences, and sometimes talk about the past, just like Throwback Thursday. We also played Truth or Dare. We weren’t able to suggest good dares, and our dares were cheesy (“Who would you rather take out on a date, James Reid or Daniel Padilla?”). We talked about the past, anime, horror (Charlie Charlie challenge, anyone?), until Dad said we needed to go out because Mom and Dad need silence for their massage. 
I was out on the beach to go star-gazing. The stars were like the candy we had as a kid-good and plenty. They reminded me of all those Astronomy classes where we had to stay up so late to study the constellations. They also taught me the pitfalls of staying up late. Far away, the bonfire was dying. The stars also reminded me of the Planetarium at the Mind Museum. You turn your head and your view of the video is 360 degrees. This time, the stars were real. Far far away, music was playing. 
The next day, which is today, I wake up in our room with very cold feet. I simply went to our cabanas and step on my cousins to shock them. We ate breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs and garlic rice, and swam in the beach. We fed the fish with bread. It was high tide. When me and Joshua were on the white raft, we felt like we were surfing. We were encouraging Caleb, who was having  a hard time swimming to the raft due to high tide, to swim to the raft. I got wounded at the foot. The beach was littered with seaweed, trash, and wood. Ew. I tried on this new snorkel design where you can breathe with your nose and mouth. It’s called the Tribord. Water kept on getting inside at the head. 
Lunch was basically chicken teriyaki, chicken soup, and pink lemonade. After that, I read fan fiction about Percy Jackson. I had nothing to do for some time until Mom told me to write a post on the iPad as a reward for being obedient.
And that post? You’re reading it right now.
As a bonus, I’ll include photos. That rarely happens, I guess. Enjoy!



Pawikan Encounter and Community Immersion in Morong, Bataan.

We had a three-day school trip in Bataan from December 19 to December 21. We were not tourists. We worked hard, and by work, I mean physical work. Even though it was like that, it was still fun, I’m happy to say.

Let’s start from the very beginning. I woke up at 1:30 a.m. Wow, that’s early. Yes, I know, when we were prepared already and went to the subdivision gate, it was still closed because it was still curfew time. When my mom and I were at the school, I dragged my luggage to the school entrance, which consisted of:

– a big trolley bag,

– a field bag with many colourful pockets

– a tent

– a red bucket from Orocan with my surname on it with a steel scrubber and a wooden scrubber

Once I got inside, I found myself in a maze full of students. I didn’t know where to go. Luckily, my bus mate, Iñigo, helped direct me to where I was supposed to be. I got inside the classroom, and I found myself with my classmates in jackets, jogging pants, and sandals. I saw one of my classmates, Franz, who wore a ski mask and looked like a future Abu Sayaff terrorist. Another one of my classmates, Karl, brought boxer shorts, which was against the rules for camp clothes. Ramon and Aki were talking about Clash of Clans. Rose showed me how many types of medicine she brought.

During departure time, Iñigo and I dragged our luggage with a bundle of books in our hands to the bus. Our big bags went under the bus with the buckets and brushes. Our field bags and  the bundles of books went with us inside the bus.

It was 3 a.m when we left, yet the bus time said 11 p.m. I was not in the window seat, that’s where Iñigo sat. On my left was a Grade 8 student, Ellie. In front of me was my closest friend Bettina. Beside her was her cousin and my previous crush Tiara. I was on the right side of the bus, 3rd row from the front. Behind me was another Grade 8 student Cheska. Beside her was Hannah Dy, who looked like Bob Marley with her striped bonnet and jacket.

During the trip, we were supposed to go to our stopover at NLEX. The whole trip to the stopover, my bus mate and I were struggling to sleep. When we got to the stopover, we ate at Jollibee. I chose a 1 pc. chicken value that cost 87 pesos with drink. It was only after I sat down and drank medicine that Bettina reminded me that we were not supposed to drink soft drinks. I threw my Coke down the sink. After that, I did something I regret. I bought batteries which were so expensive that I spent almost all of my pocket money.

Part 2 of the trip was to go to the mangrove in Subic. There was one incident I will never forget. One of my classmates needed to go to the comfort room. To relieve the stress, he peed in the bottle. We shared snacks in the bus. We passed snacks to each other in the bus. I was requested many times to pass this thing to this person and so on and so forth.

We had a comfort room stopover in Subic. Many people went out the bus to relieve the stress. I wasn’t one of the people who needed to do so. They all told me the male and the female bathrooms were so stinky they had to pinch their noses.

We got to the mangrove. Unfortunately we were not allowed to go inside. So, we went ahead to the Bantay Pawikan Conservation Centre.

When we got there, we were ordered to bring bags inside, regardless of ownership. We did. I felt sorry for the one who had to drag my trolley bag along the sand, as I imagined it was hard to do so. I also had a hard time finding my bag among the other bags.

We assembled in the auditorium. The shape was circular, which is the best shape for an auditorium because everyone can see and hear the speaker. The only problem is that it takes up lots of space.

The speaker was the founder of the conservation centre, Manolo Ibias. He and the other volunteers were exploiters of the pawikan before. It was only during 1999 that they turned around and became the protectors of sea turtles. They do all the hard work of protecting sea turtles without pay. They’re an NGO.

We were divided into committees beforehand. I was one of the pawikan caretakers. We might as well be named the janitorial committee because we had to clean the bathroom regularly, and we were supposed to wash the dishes, but we didn’t do the latter, only the former. Yuck, you say. Fun, we say, because we jokingly called our chore aqua hockey. You use a walis ting-ting as the stick, or any other thing used for cleaning, and water as the puck. The goal net was a gutter, which often got clogged. People got wet, either intentionally got wet, or unintentionally got wet. The other committees were the masons, who were responsible for projects involving concrete, the painters, who were responsible for painting classroom walls, the artists, who made a mural, and the carollers, which I was involved in, which I will expand later.

We celebrated when we had grilled pork chop for dinner, because it was a well-deserved break from the soup-based meals that we had to eat for 3 days.

We had a merit-demerit system. I remembered quite clearly that if your feet got wet by the waves, that was considered swimming. And swimming was prohibited, and would automatically get you 500 demerits for your house unless told by the teachers you can do so, a messy tent also got you demerits. Only prefects could give demerits, and only teachers could give merits.

If you’re wondering about the houses I mentioned earlier, this is what you should know. We were divided into houses. A house was a group of students from each level in the Bataan trip. Our houses were named after names of turtle in different languages. The houses were Penyu (Javanese), Kura Kura (Indonesian), Rua bien (I don’t know what language) and Tao (Thai). My house was Tao. My bus mate was in house Tao too.

I participated in the Christmas program, since I was one of the carollers. I sang Jingle Bell Rock with Grade 8 students: Eldrick, Luigi, Ash, and a Grade 9 student, Jeremiah. I gave my gift to a boy named Ayin. He was in grade 3. He peeked through the hole  in the brown bag. He seemed excited. I felt great sharing something and the smile on his face.

We got to see a mother pawikan laying eggs. It was during the wee hours of the morning when a motorcycle came and told us they spotted a pawikan laying eggs. We lined up by house and started jogging. One thing you should know about jogging in the beach: It was tiring because each foot seemed to sink in the sand while you jog. I was struggling to keep up with the group, but I got left behind with Athena and Zoren, both Grade 8 students, who were also struggling to keep up. Zoren is asthmatic, but he was able to keep up for a while. Athena stayed by my side while she kept moaning about how tiring it was. In the end, we saw the pawikan laying eggs with the group. The pawikan was laying eggs that were the size of a table tennis ball, only a bit smaller. When it was done, it covered the nest with sand and went to sea. We had to quickly get the eggs and put them in the insulated egg bags or else the eggs would die from the cold. They used my egg bag and someone else’s insulated lunch bag.

Some eggs hatched and hatchlings came out. The teachers said they would prioritize the Grade 8, since they will not go to Bataan next year. However, they included some Grade 7 students, as long as they woke up from 5 to 6 a.m. I was included. I named my hatchling Amber and set it free to sea.

I participated in the sandcastle building contest. Each house had to make sand pawikans, and the words “Help save the Pawikans”. I think our house won 2nd or 3rd place because of the wrong punctuation mark. Iñigo, Francóis, Cheska, Melody, and I participated as house Tao. The group assigned me to find shells for decoration. I diligently searched the sand for some shells. Some were small, some were big, some were pretty, and some were just plain white.

I liked swimming in the beach. Don’t worry, there were times when the teachers allowed us to swim. We loved high tide the best. There is something about the beach that lets you enjoy being dragged and pushed by the waves.

That wasn’t the whole trip. When we left, we headed for Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor). When we got there, we saw writing on the wall, about The Battle of Bataan. It sends shivers on your head as you read the true story that ends on another wall. Inside were war remnants of WWII. They showed pictures of what happened during WWII, guns that were used by the US and Filipinos, a 3D replica of the war map with lights showing where the Americans and Japanese were. I can only write about what’s inside the place because you’re not allowed to take pictures there.

After that, we headed to our last stopover in NLEX through San Fernando. To take our minds out of the length of the trip, the driver played a movie titled “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. It seemed as if I’ve seen it before, but my bus mate, Iñigo, saw it for the first time. I wondered if Naomi Watts starred in that movie because it seemed so. The hero seemed familiar, as if I saw him in another movie, but I forgot his name.

When we got to our stopover at Jollibee, I learnt my lesson and ordered iced tea instead of Coke. I sat with a Grade 8 student, Enrico, my classmate, Pipo, and someone I forgot. We were talking about this and that, which I will not mention to save privacy. I ate the same thing I ate last time during our first stopover. I moved to Bettina’s and Tiara’s table, and we talked about Instagram, our experiences in Bataan, gossip about this person who did that, and so on.

Thus, this trip came to an end. We ended our trip with a prayer led by Sir Henry. When we got off the bus, we greeted and hugged each other Merry Christmas. Then, we got our bags and went home to celebrate Christmas with our family. On January 5,  we’ll see each other again, and make the most out of the little time left in school because others will transfer to other schools.  The bad news is that I am among those who will transfer to another school. The good news is that I’m moving to Philippine Science High School(PSHS), known as the most prestigious public school in the Philippines. I passed the PSHS test!

So, goodbye and thank you, dear reader, for finding the time to read this post. I’ll see you again with my next post.

Lessons learned:

– Don’t throw plastic bags into the sea. A pawikan will die if it eats a plastic bag.

– The best reformers are those who have done seriously bad things and saw their errors.

– Trust your mom.

– You don’t appreciate what you have until they’re gone.

– It’s better to bring too much than too little.

– Pawikans play an important role in the sea ecosystem.

– Be proud of your race and their participation in history.

– A pawikan cannot retract his head and legs inside, unlike a tortoise.

– Other people don’t have the luxuries that you take for granted.

– War has a lasting effect on not just the country, but also on the families of the fallen soldiers.









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Enchanted Kingdom

The rides! The fun! The safety! All found at Enchanted Kingdom!

Me and my relatives including our balikbayan relatives went to EK. It was really fun. We rode a lot of rides, starting with Up Up and Away. You ride on a parachute, which goes around and around. There is also the Roller Skater, which is a roller coaster. The first time I rode it, I was caught on picture screaming, the second time, I clenched my teeth.

Next stop, Disc-O-Magic! You ride on the disk, which goes up and down like a U, while the disk spins around and around. I understood the reason why all my cousins were screaming when I rode it.  I can’t remember what we rode after that, but we rode a lot of rides.

We rode Space Shuttle, the ride which my mom vowed not to ride again. It pulls you up, then away you go, round the loops and the part which looked like a broken Slinky, then, you go backward this time. I swear, Kate my cousin was crying after we rode it.

We rode Flying Fiesta, where you sit on a chair, and it goes up and spins around and around, you’ll fear it’ll sling you off. My mom, according to my sister, was shaking.

There is also a ride I liked, which is called the RioGrande Rapids. You ride on a raft, which experiences bumps and waves of water, and the luckiest one gets wet in the waterfall. We all rode it three times, and I was the wettest.

We rode Anchors Away. It’s a boat which rocks back and forth so much, one second you’re weightless. My sister was raising her hands one second, the next, she ended up getting scared. Dad needs to ride this so he can see why I was screaming like a girl. It looked like it was an okay ride. But, it took me away from being okay.

I’ve ridden also the EKstreme tower. You ride on a ring that slowly goes up, up, up until you hear a click and you go down, down, down. I was kind of scared riding it, because you never know when you’re gonna fall.

There is also this ride called Dodgem, which basically means bumper cars. If driving licenses were based on how well you drove a bumper car, I would never ever get mine. I kept crashing on the walls.

I’ve ridden Jungle Log Jam, where you ride on a log that’s going on a path, then you go up slowly and down so quickly. I was caught on picture with my mouth open.

Finally, we watched the Fireworks Show. The fireworks were awesome, really. Right now I have cough which sounds like fireworks during New Year. Sort of like Katy Perry in her MTV Fireworks, except that the color of my fireworks are green and Katy Perry did not have cough.

Ekstreme tower. Going, going, going, gone!

Ekstreme tower. Going, going, going, gone!

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The Mind Museum: An Awesome Experience

We went to the awesome Mind Museum! I was pretty excited when I first heard about it.
I’ve been longing to go to this place.

We (me, Mom, my sister Gabee, Lola Belen and Ninang Jen) went there last August 9. The Mind Museum is an awesome building. Literally. The black building is vast. The design is so appropriate for a science center. The building seems to emphasize the fun of science. When you see it, you’ll have a first impression that it’s so cool in there.

A haiku to describe the building:

A black vast building
Fun of science emphasized
I think it’s cool there

Mom wrote the practical details about the trip. My job is to tell you about the exhibits. Well, mom was nagging me to do it because she said that it was my requirement.
So, let’s get on with it.

Aedi the robot greeted us. She said some opening remarks before we entered the Mind Museum. It was pretty high-tech. The robot, I mean. (Spell Aedi backward).

A cinquain to describe Aedi the robot:

Talking, seeing, introducing
Spell the name backward

Meet the Robot Aedi.

The exhibits were so cool and interactive. I practically went all over the whole museum trying out all of the exhibits. It was the kind of “fun” I love.

The Planetarium was a big circular room. It’s the shape of a sphere cut in half. The show was projected to cover the whole ceiling. That was why the seats were leaning backward.
The show was titled “Life: A Cosmic Story”. It showed us about how the planet Earth was created, the debate about extra-terrestrial creatures, and if life existed on other planets. It was so amazing, I was awestruck. They really showed it beautifully.

An acrostic poem to describe the Planetarium:

Panoramically circular
Large and spherical
A place unlike any other room
Eccentric way of projection
Technologically eccentric

A tanka to describe the show in the Planetarium:

The Show

As the show begins
I stare with wonder and ease
Life’s cosmic story
Shown through a science video
Warmth flushes all over me

Before we ended our trip, we went to the Science in the Park. We further learned more about Science there. My only complaint is that it had too few exhibits. I already tried them out in a few minutes.

A limerick to describe my doubt of the Science park:

The Science park is filled with wonder
But one thought made me ponder:
Even if they’re very interactive and new,
Why is it there are so few?
Now I think that the number of exhibits is a blunder.

(No offense)

The Earth

The mini-theater is really cool. There are no seats. The 3D is cool although I got a headache. It is a Dolby Cinema 3D. There are two shows:

1. Birthplace
2. Ang Simula(The Beginning)

My final verdict is that the Mind Museum is like the Science Centrum in Singapore, but I still like the Science Centrum better because it has more exhibits. No offense again.
Still, I want to go back to the Mind Museum again some day soon.

My bizarre week in Bulacan

I and Gabrielle spent a week in Bulacan because:
1. Mom went to Jakarta for work.
2. The babysitters went to Mindoro because of a wedding.
3. Dad had to stay at the house to feed the dogs.

Day 1i
When we arrived at my Lola’s house, all of my cousins were there even my youngest cousin Hansy. My sister(Gabrielle) always used him to tease me whenever we go to Bulacan. She promised to keep Hansy from bullying me, but she took it back because we argued whether Chloe was a cat or a dog. (It’s a pointless argument). When it was night time, before Dad left with Mom, he told me that she gave Lola the right to get mad at me when I misbehaved (though Lola always got mad at Kate, my older cousin), he told me to always do kumon, watch my sister, worst, he brought the rules of the house!! Dad asked me if I can do it. I CANNOT do that, and I wanted to say no, but I had no choice. I reluctantly said yes.
Day 2
I woke up early because I was woken up by my Lola to take my medicine. Our breakfast was always a sandwich with milk. When everyone was awake, Lola asked Kate to fold the mosquito net and the “latag”. When it was nearly lunch, Gabrielle decided to think I’m a Popsicle!! So she tried to lick me. She got Hansy as a teammate to lick me. (I must admit) I tried bad ways to stop him:
1. I covered his face with a pillow.
2. I sat down on his chest
3. I spanked him with a pillow.
4. I spanked him barehanded on his back.
Then I decided to slap Gabrielle with a pillow. So I chased her and hit her with the pillow. However, I also hit Tita Lenie because Gabrielle was on top of her. I was sorry for hitting Tita Lenie, but not for hitting Gabrielle.
When it was nighttime, I watched “Ina Kapatid Anak” on ABS-CBN. I loved the “teleserye” so much. We went to sleep when Kate told me a scary, funny story. Actually, they were the ones asleep, because I was awake in the middle of the night to watch Banana Nite. I watched until Lola turned it off.
Day 3
Caleb and Hansy went home, so it’s just me, Joshua, Gabrielle and Kate. Everyone felt how I did, which was that all of us didn’t like Gabrielle.
1. Kate doesn’t like Gabrielle because she is a copycat, she’s too naughty, she is too playful, she is so dramatic, and a crybaby (I don’t believe that).
2. Joshua doesn’t like Gabrielle because she keeps grabbing things we hold.
3. I don’t like my sister because she is a great teaser. If it isn’t Paul Jerome, it’s Gabrielle.
Day 4
I decided to write down what we don’t like in Gabrielle. My list was very, very long.
Kate decided to write down in my mom’s old phone that was being used by Lola.
She was right doing that, because Gabrielle ripped my list.
Day 5
I can’t remember much except the time we’ve been playing with the plastic cups with Kate and Gabrielle. We would play Speed-Stacks, and other games we could make up with the cup. It was nice.
Day 6
Just like Day 5, I played with the colored plastic cups. This time, we stacked the tallest tower we could stack with all the cups. Then we unstacked it diagonally. It was nice, really.
Day 7
I was watching the television when Kate changed the channel from which I was watching. I tried to get it back. It was a bit like a fight with me and Gabrielle. I decided to turn it off. However, I couldn’t do it without the remote. I chased her to the bathroom. The door is a flat metal, so Kate was panicking. She had to give the remote.
Day 8
Mom and dad went to Bulacan. Mom gave us presents. Then she asked all of the adults how I and Gabrielle were. After that, Gabrielle decided to bring a bird. I didn’t want to go home if she’s gonna bring it. So when Mom joked “Bye Garrett”, I took it literally. I got my suitcase and was going to stay but Mom told me to adjust. I reluctantly went in the car.

It was a good vacation, so don’t be fooled by all my whinings. Gabrielle peppered the week with her antics. I miss my cousins, Lola, Ninang AG, and Tito Joel. I’m thankful to Lola for taking care of me and Gabrielle during my vacation.

I’m sorry if I acted too hard on Hansy because I was seeing red (very mad) at him.
I’m also sorry for my sister. She’s just too much for me to handle, that’s all.

That’s all I have to say.

A visit to a University: More fun in UPLB

Mom woke me up at 5:30 a.m. Goodness, I was still sleepy, like many people who wake up by this time. I reluctantly got up from our warm bed, took a bath,ate breakfast, prepared myself to leave, and left the house.
We took an FX going to Robinsons Galleria. Mom was frantically trying to find a restroom, which was why we had to rush to get a bus going to LB(Los Baños). We were like two tourists who would go to any length to find their way, going around the footbridge like two people in a labyrinth of intersections. We ran(or jogged) down the stairs and caught the bus at the eleventh hour(or at the nick of time).
We got on the bus. We sat beside a nice-looking chap, since two seats in his place were empty. I noticed he looked quite, but not entirely like Sir Aldrin. I told mom about that. She told me that when you’re in a bus, you often rock back and forth. She asked me if inertia causes the rocking. I wanted to say it as a matter-of-fact, like it’s obvious, but I couldn’t, well, you know why, so I said a simple yes.
We were on the way to LB. We went through SLEX. I was a bit carsick, because I had to email JB Gamboa. He’s the author of LABAN!: A Love Story. You tell me your guess on what did I email him on Comments.
I always get dizzy when I’m in a moving vehicle and I see someone on his phone texting inside the vehicle I’m in. In the bus, we talked almost non-stop about everything.
We alighted at ”College”. We took a jeepney going to UPLB(University of the Philippines Los Baños). We stopped by the BIOSci bldg.. The university has a lot of buildings which are scattered. Mom and Dad met at College of Economics bldg..
We went to SESAM(School of Environmental Science and Management). Marge, mom’s officemate for 8 years(mom used to work in UPLB) greeted mom like it’s a Long Time No See. I don’t remember if they commented that they haven’t changed yet, but Ninang Vangie did with mom. I’ll tell you about her later. Tito Pol greeted her too like it’s a Long Time No See. Pol, Marge, and Gigi and Mom began chattering like a group of friends or “barkada” on a reunion. I told mom this is like a reunion.
We ate lunch at Bonitos. That’s where mom discovered welts on my left shoulder. I was itching crazily. We ordered a glass full of ice, mom had to go to a nearby drugstore to buy Zyrtec. I had to change my clothes three times(good thing my mom and I brought a shirt for me) all because I had welts. When mom left to buy Zyrtec(tablet version since it’s embarrassing to buy the liquid version and having to get a spoon and shoving it in the mouth in a restaurant), Tita Gigi (she’s irrevocably kind, likes to have a chat) talked to Tita Marge about my welts. I noticed that maybe I have the power to start a conversation. Despite that though, the food was very delicious. We walked back to UPLB, because it’s near.
We went to a subdivision (if I could just ask mom what was the name of the subdivision I would write it) to go to another office. We were walking to the subdivision when we ran into Ninang Vangie. When Ninang Vangie saw mom, they both commented in different ways that they never changed. Mom told me she was the librarian. She is still the librarian right now of UPLB. Ninang Vangie is very amiable. She’s very generous too. She even gave me Php 1,000! Mom tried to deny it, but I told her like she told me as a rule of society, don’t always gainsay offers, or else you’ll regret it. I accepted it gratefully. When we entered the subdivision, I commented that it was a nice subdivision. It looked like we were in the suburbs. We went to the UPLB Credit Cooperative. It looked a bit like the place where you pay your taxes. I found a remote and a TV, so I decided to watch. I turned on the TV, switched the channel to TV5, and watched the program “Pera o Para”. It’s a game played in a jeep . If you make a mistake, you get down the jeep. If you don’t, you stay on the jeep. If you survived every game on the jeep, you get a lot of money. It was fun to watch. Time flew so(5x) fast that I felt like it was three minutes and we left the bank.
We went inside the SESAM bldg.. We went upstairs, went inside a room and we found mom’s officemates (Tita Sofie and Tita Loids) when she was working in UPLB. They were so glad to see mom, and were surprised by how much I’ve grown. They had a big chat with each other. Tita Sofie looks a bit old but she is strong and she is the opposite of a killjoy because I took photos and she posed for me. Tita Loids is nice, amiable and fun to be with. Mom ordered on the phone from McDonald’s sundaes, fries, burgers and Coke. Everyone was very happy. We invited Tito Pol. We even invited the dean of the school! It was really great.
We had to leave, and that was hard. It was hard missing the people who loved us. We promised we would go back soon. It really was sad. But, we said our goodbye to all of the people who we saw. We’ll come back one day.





It’s More Fun in Singapore

It’s still more fun in the Philippines. I just used this to catch attention. In this post, I am going to tell you about the first time(with some bits about the second time) I went to Singapore. Enjoy!

It started with a trip to Singapore so my mom could visit her endocrinologist Dr. Peter Eng. I had a passport so I was able to go with mom together with Lola Belen and Ninang Jen.


We flew to Singapore on Singapore Airlines. It was very nice. We had our personal TV. The Changi airport is very nice and huge.

We stayed at YMCA Hotel. The lobby had two massaging chairs and four computers for public use. We had a bathroom, a TV, and two beds. Our room and Lola’s room were just next to each other. In our room, there was a door connected to Lola’s room, so we didn’t have to get out to go to Lola’s room.

We went to Universal Studios. It was a lot of fun. Steven Spielberg put special effects on a storm, and we encountered it face to face without a screen. There was this super scary roller coaster ride called “Revenge of The Mummy”. I went there begging Mom to go with me with no idea this would be a top scarer of life. Moldy mozzarella, it was so scary! A mummy almost touched us, we went down abruptly, what’s more scary?

I didn’t see almost anything when I was riding it, because my eyes were closed almost all the time. When it was my second time to go to Singapore, we went to the newest ride called “Transformers: The Ride”. It was the best ride. The pictures, the adventure, they were better than any gadget you can get your hands on. We watched this show called Waterworld, which is about a battle for dry land. It’s wet, fun, and amazing.

We went to Mount Elizabeth(don’t be fooled by the name, it’s a hospital) without Lola and Ninang Jen. I met Mom’s endocrinologist Dr.Peter Eng. He was a fine doctor, and was very Chinese-looking.

We then went to Science Centrum. Believe me, people who love science should really go there. Reasons why people should go there:
1. They have cool things in there.
2.They have awesome shows. I visited a show on sound and during the second visit I visited a show on balloons.
3. They have a center called Snow City. It’s full of snow. I visited that place on my second visit to Science Centrum.
I had a BIG blast in the Science Centrum. I was sad when the time came that I had to go back to the hotel.

We went to Night Safari. Everything there was awesome. There was a show featuring nocturnal animals. They even showed an animal throwing trash in bins!
There was a tram ride showing nocturnal animals. It was nice, glamorous, Imeldific, and more.

We then ate at nice food courts. I gotta tell you, you should try them out. They’re super delicious. We tried a lot of hawkers, and we loved it.

Of course, we had to go home to the Philippines. We were sad to go, but we would go back soon.

I have DYK to tell you about Singapore. Enjoy!

How do people know Singapore? They know it because it’s the smallest country in the whole wide world. Just like Philippines, Singapore is located in Southeast Asia. Singapore is relatively near to Philippines.

Singapore has won The Top Intelligent Community of The Year award. Some other people know Singapore because of this.

Nurses are scarce in Singapore. Reader’s Digest said that there are 57 nurses for 10,000 patients.
Singapore has no language of it’s own. It’s mostly Chinese, Malay and English.
Singapore can be a haven of shopaholics. There is a lot of malls.


The City Of Fog

On our way to Taal Vista hotel, Tagaytay, it was so foggy. This is the first time I’ve seen fog. Fog was so thick it was almost like zero visibility. The fog was due to an inversion. Yesterday it was cold that cold air was touching the ground. The warm air was above the ground. Since the cold air cannot go up, it had to stay down. The hot air gets condensed into droplets because of the cold air, turning it into fog. When dad took photos of us at taal vista hotel, he commented that he was taking pictures with the cloud surrounding us.

In the hotel, I was awestruck by the beauty of the hotel inside. I needed to go to the restroom. But, I couldn’t leave Gabee alone since I’m the baby-sitter of Gabee. As a result, I had to bring her with me to the restroom. I am a boy, so I had to bring my sister( Gabee) to the male restroom. As I peed, I was worried about mom saying”Hello hello where have Garrett and Gabee gone?” Then I heard mom’s voice. Quickly, I brought gabee out of the restroom. Then,I saw mom’s face, looking kind of worried. Then she scolded me for bringing Gabee to the male

restroom Then, we started to look for our room number, 106. We asked someone for help,since we couldn’t find our room. Mom took the shortcut,while we( dad,gabee and me) took the long way.

A man wearing a brown suit, gladly showed us the way. We followed him towards our room. We went inside, and then we found mommy waiting for us. She told us that she was waiting for us. We then told her that we exercised more than her. Then, I asked mom what’s the room number of Tita Diane. She then told us the room number,103. Then we went to the room. Then the nanny of Andi Marie opened the door that said 102. I realized that I knocked on the wrong door. Then I went inside the room and found Tita Diane lying on the bed.

I spent almost all of my time with my sister and Andi Marie. We played hide-and-seek. Then I took pictures of Gabee and Andi Marie using an app of Ninang Jen’s Ipad called Photo Booth. There are nine photo effects. Here are the effects:

1.Normal effect

2.Thermal effect

3.Mirror effect

4.Kaleidoscope effect

5.Twirl effect

6. X-ray effect

7.Light Tunnel effect

8.Stretch effect

9.Squeeze effect

The results of the photos are that some look funny, and some looked like twins.

For dinner, we ate at a restaurant called Bon Giorno. We had to wait for the table for one and a half hour. I spent the time typing this paragraph. Tita Diane took photos of Gabee and Andi Marie using her camera, the Sony Cybershot TX10.

When the table arrived,we took our seat. We ate spaghetti pesto, bolognaise and white spaghetti. My favorite was the spaghetti pesto. It was a little greasy, but that was olive oil. I invented the spaghetti sandwich by putting spaghetti pesto into two slices of sandwich. It tasted nice. While waiting for the others to finish, I played dad’s Iphone 4s. When everyone was finished, we went back to the hotel. I took a bath, did my kumon, then went to room 102. Me,Gabee,and Andi Marie played hide-and-seek. It was fun! When the time came to sleep, I slept with ninang jen.

To be continued…Image