My name is A. Garrett Lubag. I’m 10 years old. I’m a bookworm. I’m inquisitive, carefree and talkative.
I’m fond of sharing information and stories, in short I’m fond of talking. Everyone in my section in school agrees that I talk way too much, and they can’t stand always listening to my DYK (did you know) and stories. I even talk at the wrong time, meaning during classes. During PCTC (parent child teacher conference) my teacher complained I was way too talkative. If you knew I was speech-delayed, and that my family & relatives were praying for me to talk, then you would think that it’s a miracle that I now talk so much.
My favorite poet is Kenn Nesbitt. He writes many hilarious poems, like “My Teacher Sings The Beatles”. I bet you will be either ROTFL or giggling when you read Kenn Nesbitt’s poems.
My favorite gadgets are those of Apple, the company which is neck and neck with Samsung. If you were to acknowledge the person who made the Apple gadgets heavy contenders (pun intended), acknowledge Tim Cook. He’s the CEO (chief executive officer) of Apple who’s changing everything in Apple since Steve Jobs died, the founder of Apple.
I have a four- year-old sister named Gabrielle, a.k.a Gabee. She likes to have a lot of attention, is cute and a bit naughty. It’s a bit difficult living with her, but I love her.
The reason why I have my blog is that I can write my thoughts and it’s like a substitute for a Facebook account which my mom has deactivated. In my blog, you will read literary pieces, travels, DYK, personal stuff, and school stuff. I hope I inspire people, make you smile, inform you and others and more. Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Garrett

    I really liked your blog and i even read the letter for teacher Marivic and the Val Ed activity . I’m happy because on the the start of the school last year you were really annoying but actually you are really amazing and AWESOME!!!. So keep up the good work and study hard.

    your classmate,
    Francois navarro

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