Shooting Your Best Photos

Photos are a surefire way to capture the moments forever. However, the best shot depends mostly on how you shoot, so if you don’t want bad photos, here are tips for shooting photos beautifully, regardless of camera:

1. Press the shutter button halfway first. This makes the camera focus on the subject, therefore eliminating blurry pictures of the subject.

2. Don’t always make the person know you’re shooting photos of him or her. Sometimes, the picture is more beautiful when the subject is focused on something else.

3. Try to take pictures at different angles. You’ll see a whole new perspective.

4. Don’t always make the person sit or stand straight. It doesn’t look nice. A person’s natural position is always better.

5. It’s much better if you get up close to the subject, but not so near that the wrinkles and other skin imperfections are easily seen.

6. Experiment with the photo effects on your camera. You might shoot a good photo with a photo effect.

7. Use flash at noon to fill the shadows on the face caused by the harsh sun.

8. Lastly, if you know how to make great photos, and are expecting a shooting event, you might as well remember to charge the battery the night before. You won’t be able to take photos on an empty battery.