I have ADHD. My behavioral development doctor said so. I felt like, this explains almost everything. Why I kept losing my pencils in grade 1, why I kept getting into mischief, why I was talkative and why it was hard to control, things like that.
Because of that, the doctor prescribed Concerta (Methylphenidate) for me. ADHD cannot be cured, but it can be controlled. I was okay with what the doctor says. What I didn’t like about the medicine was that it was too expensive. Mom and dad tried to reassure me, but I wasn’t that swayed, since I was considerate about other people. I didn’t want my parents to pay for the super expensive medicine that costs Php 250 per tablet!
With the medicine, I had to say goodbye to the times when I would talk and talk and feel good about it. I had to say goodbye to the times when I would act crazy just for fun. The medicine was expected to control my impulsivity.
I felt different. I was not as talkative as before, I wasn’t so impulsive, I began having friends, things like that. Teachers began to like me (I’m not boastful). My mom and dad began to notice improvements.
Yet there were times when I look back to my old self; happy, jolly, carefree, talkative, that was slowly vanishing from me. My BF Soleil started to miss my chatty old self. My old habits, especially being late because of books, reading during classes, were vanishing.
When I read a book and there was an essay written by a woman who shares my old habits, I suddenly realized that most of her habits were my old habits too! She was a bookworm like me.
Now, I have a decision. I have two selfs: my old self and my new self. Should I go back to my old self that I loved to be? I know that teachers won’t like it, but I want to do it. I wanted to show that this is who I am, and there’s no changing it. I am tired of my new self.

Reasons to Love Our Teachers

Teachers help us with our studies
They are present in all countries
They teach us Math, English and Science
When we don’t know a certain thing, they provide us with guidance

Without teachers, we wouldn’t know our ABC
Without teachers, we wouldn’t know 1+3
Without teachers, we wouldn’t know what type of rock is slate
Teachers help us with more topics than those. Isn’t that great?

Let us thank our teachers who are teaching us
And let’s thank the teachers who used to teach us
Make the teachers who often feel rejected know
That they’ll always be loved even when they go

The Mind Museum: An Awesome Experience

We went to the awesome Mind Museum! I was pretty excited when I first heard about it.
I’ve been longing to go to this place.

We (me, Mom, my sister Gabee, Lola Belen and Ninang Jen) went there last August 9. The Mind Museum is an awesome building. Literally. The black building is vast. The design is so appropriate for a science center. The building seems to emphasize the fun of science. When you see it, you’ll have a first impression that it’s so cool in there.

A haiku to describe the building:

A black vast building
Fun of science emphasized
I think it’s cool there

Mom wrote the practical details about the trip. My job is to tell you about the exhibits. Well, mom was nagging me to do it because she said that it was my requirement.
So, let’s get on with it.

Aedi the robot greeted us. She said some opening remarks before we entered the Mind Museum. It was pretty high-tech. The robot, I mean. (Spell Aedi backward).

A cinquain to describe Aedi the robot:

Talking, seeing, introducing
Spell the name backward

Meet the Robot Aedi.

The exhibits were so cool and interactive. I practically went all over the whole museum trying out all of the exhibits. It was the kind of “fun” I love.

The Planetarium was a big circular room. It’s the shape of a sphere cut in half. The show was projected to cover the whole ceiling. That was why the seats were leaning backward.
The show was titled “Life: A Cosmic Story”. It showed us about how the planet Earth was created, the debate about extra-terrestrial creatures, and if life existed on other planets. It was so amazing, I was awestruck. They really showed it beautifully.

An acrostic poem to describe the Planetarium:

Panoramically circular
Large and spherical
A place unlike any other room
Eccentric way of projection
Technologically eccentric

A tanka to describe the show in the Planetarium:

The Show

As the show begins
I stare with wonder and ease
Life’s cosmic story
Shown through a science video
Warmth flushes all over me

Before we ended our trip, we went to the Science in the Park. We further learned more about Science there. My only complaint is that it had too few exhibits. I already tried them out in a few minutes.

A limerick to describe my doubt of the Science park:

The Science park is filled with wonder
But one thought made me ponder:
Even if they’re very interactive and new,
Why is it there are so few?
Now I think that the number of exhibits is a blunder.

(No offense)

The Earth

The mini-theater is really cool. There are no seats. The 3D is cool although I got a headache. It is a Dolby Cinema 3D. There are two shows:

1. Birthplace
2. Ang Simula(The Beginning)

My final verdict is that the Mind Museum is like the Science Centrum in Singapore, but I still like the Science Centrum better because it has more exhibits. No offense again.
Still, I want to go back to the Mind Museum again some day soon.

Dear T. Mavic

Dear T. Mavic,

Remember me? Last year when you were in HEDCEN, you were teaching Sibika and Filipino. You kept joking around. All of my classmates loved you.
When you looked at me, sometimes you think I don’t like you. Inside, I loved your teaching, how you teach us, and our Sibika lessons were never boring. So that’s the truth. Yeah, sometimes I don’t like you (I can’t remember why) but sometimes I like you too last year. Now, as I think of you, I realized you were a good teacher. Very good, indeed. (Why didn’t I know that before last year?)
There was this time when you made me feel very mad at you I wrote down something meant to be private related to you and my mom. The reason you found out what I wrote was because of one classmate. He read my notebook and told you about it.
I’m really sorry if you cried when you heard it. I understand that you were very sad. It was my fault that I wrote it. Everyone yelled at me. I guess they were very mad at me.
Seeing you sad and hearing from 4-Darwin that you cried made me feel very guilty. I realized so many things from you, but I couldn’t say it, since I got a reputation for shameless writing and being impulsive and unsociable.
I always end up crying and being very touchy when I think of you. My mom was mad at you because of what you made me do: stay out of the classroom for 18 minutes. I knew I deserved it, but my mom has a point that you shouldn’t have done that.
Now, as I think of you, I always feel that it’s too late now. I should have realized that before. Now, you resigned, and my classmates are blaming me for your resignation. What do you think? My guess is that you wanted a place not as stubborn, as naughty as us. Maybe you wanted peace.
My classmates and I are in Grade 6 now. Our Sibika teacher is Sir Justine, while our Filipino teacher is Sir Jake. Sir Justine is also like you sometimes, but he couldn’t copy your behavior. You’re irreplaceable. Sir Jake is teaching us the beats 1-10, but even he couldn’t make me feel like I found someone else better than you.
Please come back to HEDCEN. My classmates and I are missing you.
We (including me) loved you very much.

Your student last year,
A. Garrett O. Lubag

A letter of memories to my Ninang Arlene

Dear Ninang Arlene,

Today is August 1, 2013. We all know one thing:
I still remember memories of you. You were the one who sent us balikbayan boxes. You would always think of sending books.
You were the one who gave these books:
1. Dear Tooth Fairy
2. The Night Before Easter
3. The Night Before the Tooth Fairy
4. Toy Boat
5. Don’t Squash That Bug!
6. Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels 1-3
7. Diary of A Wimpy Kid 2 and 3
8. Days with Frog and Toad
We always Skype to stay in touch with each other when you are there in Chicago. You often ask us about our current events. Mom would tell you the latest news. You often tell Mom the latest news in return.
I remember the time when we stayed in Manila Hotel. It reminded me of your last day in the Philippines. Staying there was also a birthday gift to Lola Belen. It was a grand hotel in Manila. Me, Gabrielle and Bash had fun there.
You were the one who sent me the five GAP shirts. They have been my favorite shirts for 4 years now (or five? My mom can’t remember). I’m gonna clarify one thing. Out of the five shirts you gave me, three shirts were my favorites.
You always treated us (me and Gabrielle) like gold. I just want to say one thing.
Happy Birthday! I love you from the bottom of my heart (or should that be hypothalamus? It controls the emotions)

Your Nephew,
A. Garrett O. Lubag