My Dad

Father’s Day is here! Everything comes up with a Father’s Day Special, whether a new episode on a TV show that focuses on fathers, sales in virtually every shop (yep, Uniqlo and Old Navy have sales already) and whatever promo in the name of Father’s Day that comes up. All these are made to make your dad feel special. But, what makes a father special?

I’ve been wondering about this question a lot. He wasn’t always present at every school event. His work is very demanding, leaving him tired and cranky, which, I’m afraid to say, leads to minor “discussions” with Mom. Yet, his work was the reason we were able to live with all our needs and wants along the way. His work was a lesson in itself that good things don’t come easy. He taught us to live a life with no frills, devoid of pretentiousness. That’s why Dad discourages Gabee to use nail polish, accessories, and up to now, he still judges Mom sometimes when it comes to make up, clothes, and others. He always emphasizes education. Most of all, he raised us to be decent people in the future, with a good job, a family, and have the time to come over to their house for Sunday lunch.
Daddy’s daddy must have taught dad well. He used to be just as kind, or more fun than Daddy. He was able to carry us on his shoulders. Now, I wish that old sweet version will come back, but no. He had a stroke, which explains why he gets more cranky, and his dialogue hard to understand. Now, his temper has improved, but his dialogue is hard to understand still.
Daddy is a teacher of life lessons, an occasional cheerleader, a male version of Miss Manners, the breadwinner, the techie, and Mom’s sweetheart. But, most of all, he’s our father. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  

Independence Day Spent Independent of the City

Yesterday was Independence Day. We spent the day on our favorite beach, the La Luz beach resort. Today, we’re still here, taking a nap, using Facebook/Clash of Clans, because it is too hot to take a dip in the beach. 

Yesterday, we spent most of the morning on the way to La Luz. We left at 7 and arrived at 11:33 am. I won’t bore you out with more details. Let’s continue.
When we checked in already, we found our cousins who just finished swimming/snorkeling at the beach. We got a temporary room at the top, while our cousins had a permanent room at the bottom. The rooms at the top have an attic which houses three beds. The attic is great for chitchat at the beds, where we spill out the latest gossip, experiences, and sometimes talk about the past, just like Throwback Thursday. 
We first ate lunch. I don’t remember what we ate, and I won’t elaborate. Let’s talk about our experiences at the beach. We had to get life vests for all of us, and we had to take turns with the snorkels. We kept on snorkeling to the white raft. The white raft, to us, was a milestone in swimming. It meant that if we could swim there, we were brave and experienced enough to swim there, since it is quite deep. The honor was better when you didn’t need a life vest to get there. Everyone was able to swim there, but only a few were brave enough to jump from the white raft into the ocean. I wasn’t included, I guess, because I can only do the cannonball. We sometimes fought over the snorkels. Adults eventually also took a dip in the beach. The men also went to the white rat, while the women stayed on the seashore. I almost drowned with Joshua while we were snorkeling and saw a sea anemone. The beach also has so many fish. Yannah went to the beach stark naked at first. Then, someone gave Yannah her swimming suit.
Dinner was the best. There were über-delicious chocolate chip cookies, hot pumpkin soup, fried chicken, baked potatoes, onion rings, fish fillet, and cupcakes. We stuffed till we dropped. The adults stayed on for chitchat about Baker King. 
After we ate, all the children went to the attic. We did spill out the latest gossip, experiences, and sometimes talk about the past, just like Throwback Thursday. We also played Truth or Dare. We weren’t able to suggest good dares, and our dares were cheesy (“Who would you rather take out on a date, James Reid or Daniel Padilla?”). We talked about the past, anime, horror (Charlie Charlie challenge, anyone?), until Dad said we needed to go out because Mom and Dad need silence for their massage. 
I was out on the beach to go star-gazing. The stars were like the candy we had as a kid-good and plenty. They reminded me of all those Astronomy classes where we had to stay up so late to study the constellations. They also taught me the pitfalls of staying up late. Far away, the bonfire was dying. The stars also reminded me of the Planetarium at the Mind Museum. You turn your head and your view of the video is 360 degrees. This time, the stars were real. Far far away, music was playing. 
The next day, which is today, I wake up in our room with very cold feet. I simply went to our cabanas and step on my cousins to shock them. We ate breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs and garlic rice, and swam in the beach. We fed the fish with bread. It was high tide. When me and Joshua were on the white raft, we felt like we were surfing. We were encouraging Caleb, who was having  a hard time swimming to the raft due to high tide, to swim to the raft. I got wounded at the foot. The beach was littered with seaweed, trash, and wood. Ew. I tried on this new snorkel design where you can breathe with your nose and mouth. It’s called the Tribord. Water kept on getting inside at the head. 
Lunch was basically chicken teriyaki, chicken soup, and pink lemonade. After that, I read fan fiction about Percy Jackson. I had nothing to do for some time until Mom told me to write a post on the iPad as a reward for being obedient.
And that post? You’re reading it right now.
As a bonus, I’ll include photos. That rarely happens, I guess. Enjoy!



Percy Jackson, ADHD, and the love of books

I think I’m becoming a fanboy of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus. I search IG and Safari/Chrome for head canons, fan art, and photos of Percabeth, my favorite ship. I also read fanfiction. Is this normal? 

One possible explanation for my obsession with Percy Jackson is because he has ADHD, just like me. He understands the burden of having it. So do all demigods. Rick Riordan explained that he made all the demigods have ADHD and dyslexia as a way to respect all people with ADHD and dyslexia. So when Grover says that having ADHD is great because those are his battle reflexes, I said “Score one for ADHD!!”. 
I see a bit of myself in Leo Valdez. He’s annoying, has lots of energy, and his primary emotion is humor. He also feels single all the time. I see myself in Hazel sometimes because she has lots to learn and feels as if she was out of time, which she was. I think, in the real world, Piper, Annabeth, and Percy have an edge. Piper’s charmspeak can convince cashiers to give her a discount. Percy can control storms. Annabeth’s wisdom, well, might get her a good job. 
Books are not just books. They allow people to escape reality for a while and enter their world, if only briefly, to enjoy. This is something all fan girls, bookworms, authors, and fanboys know. They can inspire you, calm you, break you, make you laugh, bite your nails in suspense, and they will always hold a charm no gadget can ever replace. Sometimes, they can make you cry. Just like this line by Timmy Turner’s dad, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will leave psychological wounds that will never heal.” But then, they can also make you laugh, fall in love with fictional characters, well, that’s a book for you. 

What are your favorite books? This question can be very hard to answer.