For the Open-Minded People

I have an open mind. I thought this was a good thing, because my life wouldn’t be so narrow. I learned a lesson: People will try to stuff your mind with things, whether good or bad, and you’re forced to believe and act as if it’s normal, because you have an open mind. It isn’t. Don’t consider everything as normal. Especially when it comes to gender issues, because you never know which places tolerate or condemn gender issues.

See, here in the Philippines, being gay or lesbian is taboo. Parents teach their children like, boys shouldn’t cry because they’re supposed to be tough, and girls should never keep their legs open, because they’re supposed to be demure. If they are challenged, it’s disturbing. This is why same-sex marriages don’t exist here. I mean, should this be considered normal, or condemned? IDK. The Bible may say no, but it’s (I hate to say this, but) normal. Ellen Degeneres is lesbian. One Miss Universe winner is transgender. So many people out there are out and proud.
(Wow, this can be controversial. Seriously, if you are shocked, I assure you, I won’t write about this anymore.) 
Having an open mind can be risky for a Christian. You can accept something and obsess over it so much you forget about God. There are many controversial things out there in the eyes of God. Violence, sorcery, polytheism, horror movies, they abound. Harry Potter has sorcery which God doesn’t like. Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus include polytheism. Horror movies are shown to many audiences. Even some video games have violence. I’m not saying you should avoid them like the plague. My Sunday School teacher taught me this: Chew the meat, throw the bones. You should do this if you see something questionable in a book. I think it means to discern. By that we mean: to perceive something in the absence of judgement to learn. It can also be used to explore the trends safely.
Having an open mind can also be great. You get to explore more, and you can understand everyone’s point of view. You rarely feel judgmental, and people appreciate you for that. But sometimes, some people will cross the line and trash talk your preferences and expect you to let it go. That’s when you should stand up to them. Explain that you have boundaries too and you would like it if they stop trash talking your preferences. 

Love is in the (P)air

Back in school, me and my classmates used to create couples. Yes, we shipped them. No, I don’t remember mixing their names together. (To ship two people means to fantasize about them going out together, btw, but the Grade 6 did mix the names of their couples. You’ve got AirBag (Gab and Ria) and S&R (Sean and Ria), to name a few.) My otp (one true pairing, meaning your favorite ship) was Ketiara (Karl and Tiara, don’t kill me on social media).

I’m not an adult, but I’m guessing the shipping still continues. Not just with women, but also with men. Really, guys, I know you’re thinking of friends who you suspect will tie the knot with their significant other. With women, they love chatting with each other about the latest gossip about celebrities.

I’m about to enter my teenage years, and I’m guessing that the shipping is going to get more interesting and intense. I know friendship issues are going to get more serious, because I have experienced some, and at this point I can’t answer this question confidently: Who are you going to be when you grow up? People start out like that, but not everyone gets the job they want.

Face it, at some point in school you chanted this: (insert name) and (insert name) sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! It drove the couple insane with embarrassment. What if adults did that to their attached friends? Would that be okay? Maybe not.

Love is in the air, not just for adults and teens, but for kids too. Everyone had a crush at some point. I won’t lie to you when I say that I tried to kiss a girl in Grade 1. In Grade 4, Eli proposed to Rose. (I’ve clipped their names for less embarrassment). However, if you’re too young to think about your special someone, then let your love show to your parents. Who says they can’t be your special someone?

The Report Card by Andrew Clements Book Review

Today, I’m starting to give Book Reviews. In that category, I will write my own opinions about any book I’ve read. Let’s start with: The Report Card by Andrew Clements.

The Report Card wasn’t the first Andrew Clements book I have read. The first one was Frindle, then The Landry News. Each story had similarities in their plots. The protagonist discovers something new, then makes a plan. Along the way, they meet people who either support or oppose their plan. Then, there’s a big debate that will decide whether the protagonist succeeds or fails. Usually, the protagonist succeeds. The, the rest is just filler written to fill in any gaping hole in the plot.
In the story, Nora Rose Rowley is a genius, but for the past years, she’s been keeping it a secret. She found out that the tests and grades are causing unhealthy competition amongst the kids, so she brings home a terrible report card to prove her point. Now, all the attention she successfully avoided is pointed at her as teachers try to find out the cause of her terrible grades. However, the librarian, Mrs. Byrne, finds out that her advanced computer searches are ironic to her grades. Then, the psychologist, Dr. Trindler, gives Nora an IQ test, which proves that Nora is a genius. Naturally, as all parents are, Mr. and Mrs. Rowley are excited and plans out her future to gifted schools.
Nora and Stephen make a plan. She acts obnoxious in lectures, but gives the tests a zero. Then, while she’s absent, Stephen arranges a rebellion and encourages all students but two to get a zero on their tests. This catches all the teachers’ and parents’ attention which causes a meeting. Mrs. Hackney, the principal, was all for giving Nora and Stephen suspensions, but Mrs. Bryne was opposed to it and supported Nora and Stephen. So did the other teachers. In the end, it worked out for Nora. 
Sometimes, as what Nora described, geniuses want to live a normal life without all the attention at them. Maybe even movie stars too. What gave me a school flashback was this quote: “One of the first things I learned at school was how to read a teacher’s face. It’s a survival skill  and all kids become experts at it.”. This reminded me of the times we were in front of our teachers, guessing how they feel just by looking at their faces.
They were, I guess, social cues that told us when to talk and when to keep silent. 
The story pointed out that too much competition in tests and grades is unhealthy, and schools are taking measures to avoid that. Some schools don’t rank students at all. Some don’t have gifted programs for gifted students. Whatever measures they take, it’s for the good of others. Because the unhealthy competition can make regular people feel dumb, even though they are not, and it can also make the gifted ones more stuck-up. 
The book also shows the bad side of bragging. Bragging about your test score, your promotion, your IG/FB/Twitter post that got tons of likes or whatever is fine,but when it gets to the point that everyone else’s achievements seem inferior compared to yours, it brings down everyone’s self-esteem.
There goes my first book review. So, how’s your report card?

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was yesterday. In my opinion, it had a lot of ups and downs, and my iPod caused most of the downs. I made up for it by a letter and a massage. And a blog post.

Mother’s Day is the day when we honor the women who play a big role in our lives. They were the ones who carried you in their tummies, no matter how heavy you were, for 9 months straight. Then, they spend most of their lives taking care of you, leading you to the right path, until you are old enough to live on your own. They were the ones who attended all your school events, who gave you advice on what to do in certain situations, and loved you unconditionally.

Despite all this, mothers are humans, not angels. Therefore, they can still lose their patience, get tired, and they deserve to be noticed for their hard work. Let’s all thank our mothers and tell them “I love you” not just on Mother’s Day but EVERYDAY. Tell Dad “I love You” as well. Greet your grandmother Happy Mother’s Day too, since they took care of your mom when they were small.

Now, I just read on Buzzfeed that people on Twitter are using this hashtag #SorryMom to confess their sins to their moms. I found it on Twitter and they were funny and heartfelt, as if they felt really guilty.  To Mom, I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to make you as happy as you wanted to be and made you feel you were not able to lead me to the right path. I will always love you forever, Mom.