A Not-So-Serious Poem about Pre-teens


I’ll make a short announcement:

I can’t be independent.

So how on earth can I mature,

If self-reliance isn’t in my nature?


I’m in the stage of pre-teens,

I’m no longer a child, but not yet a teen.

I’m no longer the child I used to be,

A lot of changes happen, let’s wait and see.


My classmates and I already have pimples,

I’m lucky I don’t have inflamed red pimples.

All of us are having our growth spurts

We can easily outgrow most of our t-shirts.


My favorites are not the same as before

Then, I like tinola, but now I like Knorr.

(Yes, they’re crazy, but they rhyme anyway

Finding words that rhyme is as hard as hardened clay)