The Polarity of Sibling Relationships

As you all know, I have a younger sister who I love and hate at the same time. If you don’t understand how people can feel like singing songs with someone and throwing eggs at them simultaneously, you might be an only child. My sister can annoy me and love me at the same time. The polarity between our moods whenever we’re together is quite insane. One moment, we’ll find ourselves kicking and screaming just to get her up to eat, and the next thing you know, she’s telling me the latest stories about her well-off classmates as we laugh.

My school calendar was a bit later than hers, so she was teasing me the whole time I still had school and she was enjoying summer, and then the tables turned. I had fun rubbing in the fact that she couldn’t watch TV while I could. She had fun reminding me that I had to help her with Kumon worksheets because Mom said so.

Do we agree with each other? Often. We do like watching cooking shows together. Do we fight with each other? Most of the time. I won’t even start on what makes us fight with each other because the list will go on until Hogwarts stops changing Defense Against the Dark Arts professors. ┬áDo we introduce new stuff to each other? Of course. I introduced her to Miraculous Ladybug. She introduced me to Minecraft. We show each other new YouTubers to enjoy.

I teach her stuff she’ll need in life. That’s what an older sibling does. Therefore, I teach her what school glosses over, like dealing with different types of friends, different types of teachers, and later on, how to flirt with people, and how to ace a job interview.

I suppose the hardest lesson I’ll learn later on is that my sister will grow up, and make decisions for herself that I cannot interfere with. I can’t hope that my sister will stay the same to me, because we’ll grow up, and eventually distance ourselves from each other. It sounds sad, but that’s the truth. She can’t always be the young, naive sister that I know right now. All I wish is to know that we still have each other’s backs when we need it, no matter how old both of us are.


It’s Hard to be a Student

If you’re a student in school, then you know that you feel as if you have two lives, one at home, and one at school. It’s best if the two are kept separately, otherwise, it becomes embarrassing. When your parents come to school to pick you up, all your classmates, even the bullies, become very nice to you. You know they’re only like that because they’re afraid of your parents, but you can’t do anything about it, it’ll just make the situation more complicated.

Same goes for the giving of report cards. Your parents complain about the low scores of your subjects to your teachers (not my mom, okay?). You, witnessing it all, are too ashamed to say it’s because of that unfinished project, those quizzes with down-to-hell scores, etc.

You see, your parents have the best intentions and are earnestly trying to help you, but you’re too ashamed to say what’s really happening to you, those dirty jokes that make your classmates open-mouthed and mentally practicing the line ” Yuck! I’ll tell you to Teacher (put name here)”. Those crazy pranks in school, “Where did my bag go again?”, your classmates’ reactions to just about anything, that chaotic last-minute review of a subject, etc. This world of school in your classroom will vanish as your parents come and pick you up.