Disneyland, A Dream Come True and More in HK

On Gabee’s birthday, which is on June 24, we went to Hong Kong. We flew on Cathay Pacific Airlines, which is like Singapore Airlines at 5:20 a.m. 

We arrived at Hong Kong at morning. We exchanged our Philippine pesos into Hong Kong dollars. We waited a bit for a taxi. The weather was humid. I knew that, because it felt too hot with my jacket on. We arrived at the majestic Disneyland Hotel in Hong Kong. The look was similar to a castle. Mom told the staff it was Gabee’s birthday, and one guided us to our room. It was very comfortable. What blew my mind was that there were different-sized bathrobes for each of us. The view showed us a French garden/maze. We ate snacks at the Kingdom Club Lounge where cookies in the shapes of Mickey, Figaro, Winnie, and Piglet, fruit, drinks and chocolate awaited us. They were very good, but that must have been because I was starving. We tested for a while, then we went to Disneyland at 12:30.

Disneyland’s entrance was so long. There were pictures of Disney characters everywhere. When we got to the entrance, it was crowded. There was a statue of Mickey surfing over the water shooting out of the whale’s spout. 

When we got inside, we took out our map. There were so many places to go to! We decided to go to Tommorowland, since it was the closest. There were futuristic and I decided to ride Space Mountain. I never thought my family would leave me alone at roller coasters. They had enough reason though. The description said that it was a turbulent roller coaster ride in the dark with sudden turns and drops. What it didn’t say that the dark was full of stars and galaxies. I was beside an adult. It starts off well, but then down down down you go with sudden turns everywhere and drops where you least expect it, I was bracing for impact all the time. When we stopped, I was relieved.
I don’t regret and regret my decision to ride Space Mountain. It was exciting, but it was terrifying. 
We ate lunch at the Comet Cafe. I had chicken breast with chunky tomato sauce. I ate all of it. Even the rice was shaped like Mickey Mouse. 
We then went to Fantasyland. I just wanted to ride in the Winnie the Pooh storybook ride, but Gabee also wanted to ride Cinderella carousel and Dumbo. It was her birthday, so she got her way. Besides, we were still able to go to the Winnie the Pooh storybook ride. There, I made my resolution: NEVER EVER ride in the first row. Even though it was just a slow ride, it was still a bit scary. 
We tried to get reservation passes fruitlessly at Frozen, stopping by at Toy Story Land to ride the Slinky Dog roller coaster. We went back to the hotels to eat a dinner of appetizers, watch the fireworks, and fool around with slo-mo before calling it a day.
The next day, we spent half the day swimming. The changing room was massive. There were lockers, a steam room, a sauna, a whirlpool, showers, blow dryers, combs, toothbrushes, and razors, I tried everything except the razors. We then checked out then checked in to the Royal Park Hotel, which was connected to a mall. We took the MTR (the Hong Kong version of MRT) to go to to every place. We went to the Ladies Market with Dad complaining while inside the Ladies Market, then to IFC mall to visit a big Apple Store (Mom and Dad both bought an Apple Watch there). We then took the MTR again to go back to the hotel. At dinner, we ate at the New Town Mall. I went shopping in Gap for a pair of pants at 68 HK dollars using the 100 HK bill Dad gave me
The day after that, we went back to Disneyland again. We went straight to Frozen, and we were barely able to get reservation passes. We got the last show at 8 pm. While we waited, Daddy bribed us 500 dollars to keep quiet. I went to Tommorowland and rode Buzz Lightyear’s Astronaut Blasters. It was an interactive ride with you shooting targets to earn points. I was on my own as usual. 
Then, we ate snacks, and then we went to Adventureland to watch the Festival of the Lion King. While waiting, I stumbled across a Filipino family. I knew they were Filipino because they were speaking in Filipino. I looked shocked and they asked me “Filipino?” I said yes, and they were smiling. 
We watched the Festival of the Lion King. The actors were very good singers, and there were even moving figures of Simba, Timon, and Pumba. The dancers danced to the beat, and the fire-dancers were awesome. 
I went to the Grizzly Gulch, and rode the Grizzly Gulch Runaway Mine Cars. FYI, it’s just as scary as Space Mountain, except that 1) you can see everything and 2) it even went backwards. 
We went to Fantasyland. We ate a real lunch, then we stayed at the restaurant while me and Mom went off to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Then, Mom and Gabee went off to take a picture with Winnie the Pooh. After that, we rode the Winnie the Pooh storybook ride. 
We went to the Philharmagic. It was in 3D. The show seemed to go out of the screen. Donald is sent to every Disney movie just to get back the magic hat. Impressive, but why on Earth wouldn’t Donald just leave the hat alone?
We went to Frozen to catch our show. I just wanted to experience snow. We saw the show. It was spectacular, but we didn’t understand anything because the hosts were speaking in Chinese. We did sing along to the songs, though. The characters were impressive, and they sang well. After that, we went to the place with snow. It felt like cold sand. I threw a snowball to Gabee. Then, we went out to catch the Fireworks. They were awesome, but my video of them was upside down. Songs were playing while fireworks were blazing through the sky. We took the MTR going back, of course.
The next day, we went to the Hong Kong Science Museum. We explored every floor. The exhibits were awesome, mind-blowing, and I even tried the Disco DNA. The workplace exhibit was creepy, though. The workers seemed real. And they even showed you the dangers of the workplace, and I swear I saw two workers dead. I was stuck in the store while the family explored the lowest floor, so I bought a Skip it. I played with it. It was fun! Mom saw me and we went to the lowest floor. I loved the World of Mirrors best. 
We then went to Citygate Outlets. We spent most of our time in Esprit. The lure of the 70% off sale and the fact that I needed a shirt drew us in. I got a shirt for 69$. That was all I bought because I wanted to buy at Gap too, and also that none of the clothes/jeans at the 70% off table fit me. I found two Filipinos there talking about Internet. Mom, on the other hand, got so many stuff at the 70% off table, spent a long time in the fitting room, and basically bought her pasalubong there. She even found bags for 38$. 
We went back to the hotel by MTR. I bought a polo shirt for 98$ at Gap. Before that, we ate dinner at McDonald’s. The McWings were delicious but spicy. 
Finally, we had to go back to the Philippines. We left Hong Kong at 9, but before that, we ate at McDonald’s. The breakfast was huge, but I ate it all. (I was starving). Then, we arrived to our plane, and played with the screen in front of us. The airplane food kept spilling on my jacket. When we arrived, we took a cab to Dad’s condo to rest a bit and to get our stuff. Then, we went back home, and I had to write this post.



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