My Dad

Father’s Day is here! Everything comes up with a Father’s Day Special, whether a new episode on a TV show that focuses on fathers, sales in virtually every shop (yep, Uniqlo and Old Navy have sales already) and whatever promo in the name of Father’s Day that comes up. All these are made to make your dad feel special. But, what makes a father special?

I’ve been wondering about this question a lot. He wasn’t always present at every school event. His work is very demanding, leaving him tired and cranky, which, I’m afraid to say, leads to minor “discussions” with Mom. Yet, his work was the reason we were able to live with all our needs and wants along the way. His work was a lesson in itself that good things don’t come easy. He taught us to live a life with no frills, devoid of pretentiousness. That’s why Dad discourages Gabee to use nail polish, accessories, and up to now, he still judges Mom sometimes when it comes to make up, clothes, and others. He always emphasizes education. Most of all, he raised us to be decent people in the future, with a good job, a family, and have the time to come over to their house for Sunday lunch.
Daddy’s daddy must have taught dad well. He used to be just as kind, or more fun than Daddy. He was able to carry us on his shoulders. Now, I wish that old sweet version will come back, but no. He had a stroke, which explains why he gets more cranky, and his dialogue hard to understand. Now, his temper has improved, but his dialogue is hard to understand still.
Daddy is a teacher of life lessons, an occasional cheerleader, a male version of Miss Manners, the breadwinner, the techie, and Mom’s sweetheart. But, most of all, he’s our father. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  

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