For the Open-Minded People

I have an open mind. I thought this was a good thing, because my life wouldn’t be so narrow. I learned a lesson: People will try to stuff your mind with things, whether good or bad, and you’re forced to believe and act as if it’s normal, because you have an open mind. It isn’t. Don’t consider everything as normal. Especially when it comes to gender issues, because you never know which places tolerate or condemn gender issues.

See, here in the Philippines, being gay or lesbian is taboo. Parents teach their children like, boys shouldn’t cry because they’re supposed to be tough, and girls should never keep their legs open, because they’re supposed to be demure. If they are challenged, it’s disturbing. This is why same-sex marriages don’t exist here. I mean, should this be considered normal, or condemned? IDK. The Bible may say no, but it’s (I hate to say this, but) normal. Ellen Degeneres is lesbian. One Miss Universe winner is transgender. So many people out there are out and proud.
(Wow, this can be controversial. Seriously, if you are shocked, I assure you, I won’t write about this anymore.) 
Having an open mind can be risky for a Christian. You can accept something and obsess over it so much you forget about God. There are many controversial things out there in the eyes of God. Violence, sorcery, polytheism, horror movies, they abound. Harry Potter has sorcery which God doesn’t like. Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus include polytheism. Horror movies are shown to many audiences. Even some video games have violence. I’m not saying you should avoid them like the plague. My Sunday School teacher taught me this: Chew the meat, throw the bones. You should do this if you see something questionable in a book. I think it means to discern. By that we mean: to perceive something in the absence of judgement to learn. It can also be used to explore the trends safely.
Having an open mind can also be great. You get to explore more, and you can understand everyone’s point of view. You rarely feel judgmental, and people appreciate you for that. But sometimes, some people will cross the line and trash talk your preferences and expect you to let it go. That’s when you should stand up to them. Explain that you have boundaries too and you would like it if they stop trash talking your preferences. 

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