Love is in the (P)air

Back in school, me and my classmates used to create couples. Yes, we shipped them. No, I don’t remember mixing their names together. (To ship two people means to fantasize about them going out together, btw, but the Grade 6 did mix the names of their couples. You’ve got AirBag (Gab and Ria) and S&R (Sean and Ria), to name a few.) My otp (one true pairing, meaning your favorite ship) was Ketiara (Karl and Tiara, don’t kill me on social media).

I’m not an adult, but I’m guessing the shipping still continues. Not just with women, but also with men. Really, guys, I know you’re thinking of friends who you suspect will tie the knot with their significant other. With women, they love chatting with each other about the latest gossip about celebrities.

I’m about to enter my teenage years, and I’m guessing that the shipping is going to get more interesting and intense. I know friendship issues are going to get more serious, because I have experienced some, and at this point I can’t answer this question confidently: Who are you going to be when you grow up? People start out like that, but not everyone gets the job they want.

Face it, at some point in school you chanted this: (insert name) and (insert name) sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! It drove the couple insane with embarrassment. What if adults did that to their attached friends? Would that be okay? Maybe not.

Love is in the air, not just for adults and teens, but for kids too. Everyone had a crush at some point. I won’t lie to you when I say that I tried to kiss a girl in Grade 1. In Grade 4, Eli proposed to Rose. (I’ve clipped their names for less embarrassment). However, if you’re too young to think about your special someone, then let your love show to your parents. Who says they can’t be your special someone?

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