I suppose that having more time at home during summer has led me to renew my blog. Writing a post comes easy for me. There’s just one part of it that is so nerve-wracking: deciding what title I should use.

It is nerve-wracking and seemingly impossible to think of a great title for my posts. That title of my previous post was inspired by a Britney Spears song, and I couldn’t think of a better one back then. Often, I ask my mom what title it should be. She has two reactions:

a) She tells me I should think of one on my own,

b) She gives suggestions.

I always give my post a title when I’m done typing up the post. You start with an idea in your head, but that idea is not the title itself. That idea propels your writing, and when you’re done, gives you the job of giving that post a title. Really. Hard.

Now, as I think of the titles I put on my blog posts (I think it’s starting to get narcissistic and stuck-up), they are so varied. Some were inspired by a commercial tagline promoting the Philippines (More fun in the Philippines), one was inspired by a song (Oops… I did it again), some were my own ideas and some were Mom’s suggestions.

I write my title last. It has become a habit for me, because I believe that my content should define the title, and not the other way around. However, homework is an exception, when you are forced to write related stuff under a certain title. That method is slightly easier only if another person has imposed the title.

Now, what title should this be?

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