ADHD: Puberty, Different Worries and the Search for a Normal Life

I drafted this post on yellow pad paper, while I thought of what to write. My brain declared what I wrote.

I’m diagnosed with ADHD. I’m about to enter my puberty stage, where acne starts getting worse,  I need to take a shower at night because I stink. Friendship issues become more complicated (I wish someone would give advice on how to resolve friendship issues). How do I cope? Well, for me, I  become: the introvert, the guide counselor, the audience, the stand-up comedian, the news reporter, and the nerd. In our class, you have to adapt to the latest fads.

Anyway, here are the things I have to worry about:

I worry about talking too much, and finding social cues that will determine whether I will talk or keep quiet.

I worry about submitting requirements most of the time, which lowers my grades.

I worry about being able to focus on my studying, because I easily get distracted.

Enough of the worries, let me tell you what things I can do:

I can understand almost any topic in class.

I am a bookworm, which means words come to me easily.

I love Math with its numbers, letters, and operations.

Let me tell you something: A brain with ADHD craves a lot of stimuli, which is easily found in social media, and other favorite things. That stimuli distracts us from something b-o-r-i-n-g to something FUN.

I try my best to be normal, just like everyone else. Every day, though, I still have to take Concerta once. (I’ll wean off them soon). Which means: “You’re not everyone”, my mom said. Sometimes, life rears its ugly head, leaving me in tears. Still, it also shows its beautiful side, and I am filled with joy. Regardless of your condition, life has a lot of ups and downs for all of us. It’s up to ourselves to decide what to do with it.

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