Memory Recovery

When your grandmother gets so old,

She can’t remember anything, as what you’re told

You show her pictures of herself back then

While you and your parents were still in heaven

And your grandmother was a child before.


Her picture of herself with her playmates

Her graduation picture full of batch mates,

Her picture of her ex-boyfriend

And her shattered heart she had to mend

Now show her the picture of the day at the beach.


The memory process has  just begun,

If you just started something, you’re obviously not done.

There are many more pictures you have to show,

Because you started the process a while ago.

She’ll soon remember the memories she has forgotten.


You might not be able to finish,

When she dies, her memories forever diminish.

Just remember, if that happens, you did your best,

You both enjoyed the process, and you did it with zest.

Now, she’s with her Creator at eternal rest.

This poem was our English written project for 2nd trim. My topic is Forgotten Memory.

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