Sembreak, iPods, IG and Friends

It’s our semestral break. I’m so happy about the freedom I get. The only bad part of it is that sometimes you’re just stuck inside the house without anything to do. So I decided to write a post on my phone and post it on my blog.

I got this new blue iPod touch 5th generation. Yay! A decent phone in the color I love. Ever since I got my iCloud address, I’ve downloaded apparently games, Camera 360, Spotify, WordPress, and Instagram. As I type this essay, I’m listening to music from Spotify. I might sound narcissistic, but it is my way of showing appreciation to my dad for giving me a decent phone.

With all these cool gadgets around, you have to remember that too much of gadgets are bad for you. You might not be responsible enough to handle a phone/tablet and you can abuse it. My mom confiscated my iPod touch for a day to teach me a lesson on self-control. I swear, for some time I felt like I was in cellphone/Instagram rehab. I guess it was time to read books just like the old days. And at some point I felt like cheating and watching TV.

I called up my friend Bettina and it was almost like we were in the classroom talking to each other. I told her I have an IG account, and she was shocked. I told her some of my followers and some who I follow. It was fun.

With an Instagram account you even get to see people you miss. I had a chat on IG with an old friend of mine. You get to keep in touch with school friends while it’s Semestral break. You can even follow celebrities (if your parents are okay with it). It can be a good alternative to Facebook. Just be careful with the pictures you post.

Okay, now let’s talk about the design. The iPod touch 5th generation is so thin. I’m serious, it’s so thin you don’t notice it’s in your pocket. It comes in different colors (mine’s blue). It comes with a color-matching loop to keep the phone safe in case you let go of it. And, there’s so much space for your favorite games and other apps.

We have plans to go to the cemetery before All Saints Day. I might bring my iPod and post pics on Instagram.

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