My Faithful Green Notebook


My green notebook serves me

Faithfully and forever.

I don’t care if it’s old, just let it be,

But please don’t make a tear.


It contains all those little notes,

The ones I wrote in school

Some are good, some are okay,

The others, I want to throw away.


It’s one of those notebooks in my collection,

I kind of regret the rest, ’cause I rarely used them.

But seeing you beg for one more note,

I guess you’re my only one.


I might have a 3rd party in my notebooks,

The floral one in my cubby is kind of getting jealous.

If it had legs, it would walk home,

And slap me on the face.


Now that I wrote this, I kind of wonder,

All these words made from letters,

All those years spent on reading books,

Have finally paid off in writing.


Oh well, it’s over now,

My babysitter’s calling me.

It’s time for lunch, you know,

And I really have to eat.

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