A Few of My Favourite Things

Bo Concept is an Urban Danish furniture store. Their furniture are modular, so you can  create your own personalised piece without worrying about the colour, fabric/leather, size, etc. However, it will put a big dent in your pocket. Even a mattress alone is so expensive. They cost thousands of dollars. Of course, this isn’t true if you’re a millionaire. Or a billionaire, depending on how much money you have.

Just Dance is a music video game series created by Ubisoft. It has created a worldwide phenomenon when US President Barack Obama bought a copy of Just Dance 3 for his daughters. We have Just Dance 2014 in our house, and I’m waiting for Just Dance 2015 to be released, together with the smartphone app, Just Dance Now.

We have the Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim at home. It doesn’t occupy the house and look bulky, so that’s a plus for aesthetics. We didn’t buy it separately, since this one came with the humongous TV we have at home, but that’s another story. Anyway, you can play lots of games on this one, since it has 500 GB. Dad plays the Resistance series and Time Crisis, while me and Gab play Time Crisis and Just Dance 2014. Their PlayStation Move is good too, so you can play your favourite video games while burning those love handles and globs of fat.

My sister. She belongs to the Naughty group on santa’s list. However, she can be really nice, especially if there are visitors.` Right now she’s singing “Get That Ballpen”. Please, cut it out.

Tosh.O is a good talk show. You  can watch this on Comedy Central, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. The host makes funny side comments. He spares no one, not even animals. I almost ROTFL.

Notebooks are good places to write on. There are lots of them out there, but of course there are good and crappy ones. I’d recommend Moleskine for the rich ones, YEAH! for the middle class, and Sterling  for the Filipinos.  The specifications are entirely up to you. I prefer the thick ones, always lined, with a 0.7  black ball pen. The spine should never be spiral. As much as possible, the cover should be blue.

Uniqlo is a good clothes shop, as you can see advanced technology done on clothes for the sake of unique, comfortable, and affordable clothing. I prefer their polo shirts, their jeans, and their Graphic-Tees. I have two graphic t-shirts, both of them showcased by Pharrell Williams. I have a pair of too-long jeans because the jeans that fit my length don’t fit my waist.

Math is a fun subject for me, especially Algebra, because I like anything related to variables and letters. Another thing I like with Math is that it has a definite solution, unlike social and economical problems.

My prehistoric iPhone is a jukebox for me. I just put on earphones and press play. A ton of songs play, each plunging me in different emotions and situations. My recent favourite songs are: “Bust your Windows” by Mercedes in Glee, “Hooked on a Feeling”, “World Without Love”, both by Ally McBeal, and  “Toxic” by Will, Rachel, and Brittany in Glee.

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