On Writing Posts

I’m clicking on my previous posts. When you have written so many posts, you have to remember to look back and see your previous ones. The posts just become more beautiful when you read them after a long time.

Seeing all my posts, my topics are too divergent to classify all of them, most of  the posts are under Personal Stuff. It’s not as if they’re really hard to organize into groups like the Factions in Divergent: Erudite, Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, and Candor. Some of my posts are like Tris who is an Erudite and a Dauntless, so I put them under two categories. 

My moods don’t really affect my writing that much, I could write an angry post while I’m happy, a sad post while I’m angry, things like that. Another thing I notice is that I tend to write sparingly, often inconsistent. I could have a writing spree, and sometimes, it takes a year before I write another post. It’s not always because of writer’s block. I simply am too busy to write sometimes.

Some of my posts have the same topic as my mother’s blog on princesslubag.blogspot.com. I don’t know if my blog is a child and my mother’s blog is a parent. You think blogs can have relations like that of family trees? I might believe so. My mom often suggests things to write, mostly about travels.

One thing I’ll say, however. The last thing I want to write is a diary entry. The only post that resembles a diary in this whole blog is my 1-week stay in Bulacan.

I can’t publish my posts on the iPad, the connection is broken, so I usually use the desktop or my mom’s laptop. The WordPress app on the tablet still shows failed posts that are already on my blog. What can I say, partiality is also present in technology. Ever tried to open a document and a message comes up, saying the software couldn’t open it? I have, and it’s frustrating.

I prefer writing posts on the tablet, I like typing a lot. You don’t have to copy a whole wannabe post from paper to the screen of the tablet. Everyone has their own writing preferences, and I’m showing mine.

I’ll admit, writing a post is sometimes boring, often considered a last resort to killing time while waiting. I often write when I feel the urge to. We all need motivation to continue through writing at times. Usually, what motivates me is the fact that I haven’t updated my blog for a long time.

Before I even start writing a post, I mentally recite what I will write on my blog. Writing is finding your own voice, and I take this literally, like Jessica Zafra. I have to hear myself reciting what I write, otherwise I get stuck. 

Once I’m done writing, I show it to my mom. She edits my work, shows my erroneous subject-verb agreement if I have, and shows alternative words for what I write to make it better. She tells me about the corrections, and I simply edit, following my mom’s instructions. Why not Dad? Often, he’s always somewhere in the Philippines.  Also, I ask him only when I have a hard time in Mathematics. There you go. Dad’s good in Math, Mom’s good in English. 

After I edit the post, I usually add the necessary Tags, organize in Categories, then, I click the Publish button. Finally, I view my finished post. If I see an error, I click the Edit button and do some editing, then I click the Update button.

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