It’s Hard to be a Student

If you’re a student in school, then you know that you feel as if you have two lives, one at home, and one at school. It’s best if the two are kept separately, otherwise, it becomes embarrassing. When your parents come to school to pick you up, all your classmates, even the bullies, become very nice to you. You know they’re only like that because they’re afraid of your parents, but you can’t do anything about it, it’ll just make the situation more complicated.

Same goes for the giving of report cards. Your parents complain about the low scores of your subjects to your teachers (not my mom, okay?). You, witnessing it all, are too ashamed to say it’s because of that unfinished project, those quizzes with down-to-hell scores, etc.

You see, your parents have the best intentions and are earnestly trying to help you, but you’re too ashamed to say what’s really happening to you, those dirty jokes that make your classmates open-mouthed and mentally practicing the line ” Yuck! I’ll tell you to Teacher (put name here)”. Those crazy pranks in school, “Where did my bag go again?”, your classmates’ reactions to just about anything, that chaotic last-minute review of a subject, etc. This world of school in your classroom will vanish as your parents come and pick you up.

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