My Twisted Idol

Jessica Zafra is a good writer. Her writing has that satirical, witty note that gives her column a unique zest. She is very unconventional, her writing is unlike any other columnist’s. However, her writing is not recommended for those readers who want pleasant things, as she is twisted. Her writing has a divergent range, unlike her emotions, which are limited.

Jessica Zafra’s hometown is Manila. She attended St. Theresa’s College in Quezon City, Philippine Science High School, and the University of the Philippines, where she majored in Comparative Literature. She is a three-time Palanca Award winner. She is a columnist for TODAY newspaper, but she is currently in a hospital, sick with a neurological disease.

In her columns, she rambles about any topic, but she likes writing about herself the best. Her subjects are wildly divergent. She says it’s postmodern.

My mom has two Twisted books of Jessica Zafra, Twisted and Twisted 7. Jessica Zafra has Twisted books from 1 to 10, and I would like to get them all.

I often fantasize about meeting Jessica Zafra in the hospital. Holding the two books I’d say ” Hi Jessica.” She’d say: ” Who you?” I’d say: ” Just a fan of your books, can you sign them?” She’d sign them afterward and ask: ” How old are you?” I’d say my age, and I know she wouldn’t mind, since she doesn’t believe in censorship (MTRCB) and Parental Advisory stickers.

I know one other Filipino writer, a comic-book writer and illustrator, named Jose Gamboa. We corresponded with each other thru e-mail. I lost one of the library books at my school, which was the work of Jose Gamboa, and we had to ask him for a copy to be delivered to the library. He gave me one copy, signed by him. He also gave me and the library a comic book on Manny Pacquiao.

Jessica Zafra, you are my idol in writing. I wish I could write like you. Please get well soon.

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