Afraid of Math? Reasons why you shouldn’t be

This is my classmate’s complaint letter to algebra:

Dear Algebra,

Don’t make us find your x.
‘Cause she’s never coming back and don’t ask why!


Is this what we all think of math? That it’s complicated, boring, and whatever? We have to do something about it.

One of the possible reasons why we don’t like math is that we don’t know how math will help us in our lives. Knowing how to compute for discounts is helpful when shopping during a sale (60% off) and fractions help us in sharing cake, money, and etc.

Another possible reason is that we don’t see math in another perspective and our perception of math is frightening. If we could change the perspective and make math seem fun, then we could make people stop hating math and make it look cool. In preschool we use things we like for adding ( 1 apple plus 1 apple) and subtracting ( I have 3 cookies. I ate one. How many are left?). The thing is, how do we make theorems, factorization and other algebraic and geometric lessons fun and cool?

I may be futile in helping people love math. But why am I typing this? What for?

I’ll tell you why. I am a Kumon student in math and reading.

Kumon has a different method of teaching. It doesn’t follow the school curriculum like K-12. It has it’s own curriculum.

Students start at a level lower than their school level to gain momentum. Then, at some point, they reach the level of their own school level. Then, they progress to advanced levels beyond their school grade level.

I am currently learning Factorization 5 in I71 in Math, and Character Analysis in J131 in Reading. Why only two subjects? Math and Reading are the basis of every subject, such as Science, History, and Music. How can you compute for Mechanical Advantage if you can’t even add, divide or subtract? How can you sing a song if you cannot read the lyrics?

Knowing that I am advanced, I feel proud. But there is a sense of unfairness. How could I learn factorization if my classmates couldn’t get fractions easily? How could I be good in English and write a blog when my classmates don’t get the voices of verbs easily? That’s the price of knowing a lot and being a natural in a certain subject.

But hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m just lucky math and reading come to me easily. I’m not bragging. It’s matter-of-factly.

So, to conclude, math shouldn’t be complicated and boring. It is the basis for all subjects. It can also be fun and cool, if you change how you see it and practice, because every math problem has a definite solution and answer, unlike economic problems like poverty which can be left unanswered with dubious solutions.

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