The very-busy graduating batch of HEDCen: Grade 6

It’s a long time since I last wrote in my blog. Every student in HEDCen agrees to the reason that we’re so busy with our school activities. We’re also very busy with our Expo project. Combine lots of school activities and projects, and you already know that we don’t have time to relax.

All of this hustling and bustling is because our 3rd trimester is our last shot to excel. The 3rd trimester’s quite jam-packed with things to do and events.

We’re Grade 6, and we’re gonna graduate. We have to make sure we have absolutely no delinquencies because if we have any, our clearances won’t be signed, then we must either complete them already or we don’t graduate. We’ll stay in Grade 6 for another school year if we don’t graduate.

Another thing we’re worrying about is our grades. We have to be exempted in at least any subject because if not, we’ll have to take the finals. The finals consist of all of the 3rd trimester lessons and most of our 1st and 2nd lessons! It’ll be hard!!!

If we take care of all those things, then all this commotion will die down at the start of summer break. We relax, stay home, have fun, and be crazy.

For those who really love our classmates, it’s hard to say goodbye to our good friends who will go to other schools. Any moment could be the last moment together.

Before, when we were still not a graduating batch, we thought that every school year is almost the same. Now that we’re graduating, everything would change.

This is the time when we’re about to go to high school.

This is the time to show we’re ready to graduate.

We have to make the most of our last moments in HEDCen.

We have to use our strengths and weaknesses to our advantage.

It’s the time to show our best, and be recognized.

Even if you hate a classmate, someday, you will miss that person a lot.

We are the graduating batch of HEDCen: Grade-6 Armstrong and Hobbes.

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