What happens in a noisy classroom

When the teacher comes, we all greet our teacher.
Lesson-time, our noise really annoys her.
Seat work time, we’re as quiet as a tomb,
But the Silence’s end is doomed.
Suddenly, it’s very noisy again,
Students are as noisy as a pigpen.
The switch is on the “silent” part,
Making noise is disliked by every student’s heart.
But the Silence has died, so the switch’s on the “noisy” part.
It happened, because someone farted the loudest fart.
The noise erupted full of “EEEEWW!!”s and “YUCK!”s,
It’s like there are a million quacking ducks.
1/2 of the students ran quickly for Mama,
The other 1/2 ran at lightning-speed for Papa.
While we ran around crazily, the teacher blows her top.
She really was seeing red, she yelled out loud “SHUT UP!”
She quickly ended the lesson and got out, quite exhausted.
All of us immediately, due to the stink of the fart, fainted.
When we woke up, we learned that our teacher has resigned.
A sub teacher taught us anyway, so we were just fine.
We might never see that teacher again,
But if we do, we’ll welcome her as a friend.
Then, we’ll be able to shut up,
So that every teacher won’t blow their top.

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