Joke time with a chatterbox

Everyone knows this saying that “laughter is the best medicine”. The most common way is by saying jokes. Here are some jokes you might enjoy:

1. The policeman caught a thief stealing the purse of a young girl.
“Shame on you! You would steal from a helpless young girl?”
“Only once,” the thief defended himself. “Most of the time, I steal men’s wallets!”
– World’s Funniest Jokes

2. A plagiarist copied his seat mate’s test answers. However, because he did not want to be punished, he wrote down on the bottom of his test:
“Source: My Seat mate’s Test sheet”
– A. Garrett 2013

3. A woman went to a policeman and reported: 
“This morning, my house was ransacked and it was a mess!”
“Why did you just report it this evening if it was ransacked this morning?”
“Because when I first saw the house, I thought it was just my husband looking for a pair of clean socks.”
-World’s Funniest Jokes

4. Q: What do apes like to eat with milk?
A: Chocolate chimp cookies
– National Geography Almanac 2014

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