A letter to Soleil

A letter to Soleil

Dear Soleil,

How are you? Are you all right? I hope you are feeling fine.
It’s such a “long” time since we talked to each other. You were often with your friends. You were often having fun with them. You often talked to them.
I hope that you still consider me as a friend. The only times we talked were when we rode home in your parents’ car. Since Mom fetches me all the time now, the opportunities to talk to you are limited.
I didn’t mean to make you guilty. I just wanted to tell you what I haven’t told you before. Every time I talked to you, I never said a thing about this.
I hope we get together some time to catch up for the times we never spoke to each other. (Let’s hope we’re together in Grade 7).

Your friend,
A. Garrett O. Lubag

4 thoughts on “A letter to Soleil

  1. Dear Garrett,
    YOU are NOT my FRIEND. You are my BEST FRIEND. You are the only one who listens to me when I talk and gives information back at me. I was also hoping if you would be my classmate in Gr.7 We’ll catch up one time in exchanging our thought. By the way, the books are making me die with craziness.

    Sincerely, Soleil Schroth

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