The Mind Museum: An Awesome Experience

We went to the awesome Mind Museum! I was pretty excited when I first heard about it.
I’ve been longing to go to this place.

We (me, Mom, my sister Gabee, Lola Belen and Ninang Jen) went there last August 9. The Mind Museum is an awesome building. Literally. The black building is vast. The design is so appropriate for a science center. The building seems to emphasize the fun of science. When you see it, you’ll have a first impression that it’s so cool in there.

A haiku to describe the building:

A black vast building
Fun of science emphasized
I think it’s cool there

Mom wrote the practical details about the trip. My job is to tell you about the exhibits. Well, mom was nagging me to do it because she said that it was my requirement.
So, let’s get on with it.

Aedi the robot greeted us. She said some opening remarks before we entered the Mind Museum. It was pretty high-tech. The robot, I mean. (Spell Aedi backward).

A cinquain to describe Aedi the robot:

Talking, seeing, introducing
Spell the name backward

Meet the Robot Aedi.

The exhibits were so cool and interactive. I practically went all over the whole museum trying out all of the exhibits. It was the kind of “fun” I love.

The Planetarium was a big circular room. It’s the shape of a sphere cut in half. The show was projected to cover the whole ceiling. That was why the seats were leaning backward.
The show was titled “Life: A Cosmic Story”. It showed us about how the planet Earth was created, the debate about extra-terrestrial creatures, and if life existed on other planets. It was so amazing, I was awestruck. They really showed it beautifully.

An acrostic poem to describe the Planetarium:

Panoramically circular
Large and spherical
A place unlike any other room
Eccentric way of projection
Technologically eccentric

A tanka to describe the show in the Planetarium:

The Show

As the show begins
I stare with wonder and ease
Life’s cosmic story
Shown through a science video
Warmth flushes all over me

Before we ended our trip, we went to the Science in the Park. We further learned more about Science there. My only complaint is that it had too few exhibits. I already tried them out in a few minutes.

A limerick to describe my doubt of the Science park:

The Science park is filled with wonder
But one thought made me ponder:
Even if they’re very interactive and new,
Why is it there are so few?
Now I think that the number of exhibits is a blunder.

(No offense)

The Earth

The mini-theater is really cool. There are no seats. The 3D is cool although I got a headache. It is a Dolby Cinema 3D. There are two shows:

1. Birthplace
2. Ang Simula(The Beginning)

My final verdict is that the Mind Museum is like the Science Centrum in Singapore, but I still like the Science Centrum better because it has more exhibits. No offense again.
Still, I want to go back to the Mind Museum again some day soon.

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