Dear T. Mavic

Dear T. Mavic,

Remember me? Last year when you were in HEDCEN, you were teaching Sibika and Filipino. You kept joking around. All of my classmates loved you.
When you looked at me, sometimes you think I don’t like you. Inside, I loved your teaching, how you teach us, and our Sibika lessons were never boring. So that’s the truth. Yeah, sometimes I don’t like you (I can’t remember why) but sometimes I like you too last year. Now, as I think of you, I realized you were a good teacher. Very good, indeed. (Why didn’t I know that before last year?)
There was this time when you made me feel very mad at you I wrote down something meant to be private related to you and my mom. The reason you found out what I wrote was because of one classmate. He read my notebook and told you about it.
I’m really sorry if you cried when you heard it. I understand that you were very sad. It was my fault that I wrote it. Everyone yelled at me. I guess they were very mad at me.
Seeing you sad and hearing from 4-Darwin that you cried made me feel very guilty. I realized so many things from you, but I couldn’t say it, since I got a reputation for shameless writing and being impulsive and unsociable.
I always end up crying and being very touchy when I think of you. My mom was mad at you because of what you made me do: stay out of the classroom for 18 minutes. I knew I deserved it, but my mom has a point that you shouldn’t have done that.
Now, as I think of you, I always feel that it’s too late now. I should have realized that before. Now, you resigned, and my classmates are blaming me for your resignation. What do you think? My guess is that you wanted a place not as stubborn, as naughty as us. Maybe you wanted peace.
My classmates and I are in Grade 6 now. Our Sibika teacher is Sir Justine, while our Filipino teacher is Sir Jake. Sir Justine is also like you sometimes, but he couldn’t copy your behavior. You’re irreplaceable. Sir Jake is teaching us the beats 1-10, but even he couldn’t make me feel like I found someone else better than you.
Please come back to HEDCEN. My classmates and I are missing you.
We (including me) loved you very much.

Your student last year,
A. Garrett O. Lubag

2 thoughts on “Dear T. Mavic

  1. Dear Garrett,
    I really love the letter that you wrote for T.Mavic. I’m sure she will forgive you….

    Your Classmate,
    Bettina Calderon

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