11 letters, 1 reason

(introduction) Values Education time. Our teacher gave a lecture about the “awkward” stage of saying sorry. We had a Respect Challenge and, it was nice, and awkward.
Here’s what we did:

1. Write 4 sorry letters to 4 classmates.
2. Gather up in a circle, no noise and no reaction.
3. Give the letters to the 4 classmates you wrote to.
4. Go somewhere alone and read the letters.
5. When you’re in the classroom first, cheer the next person who goes inside the classroom, even if you hate that person. I was the last to go in, and my 24 classmates cheered. (AWKWARD)

Guess how many letters I got from my classmates. You got it, 11 letters. I have the most number of letters compared to everyone!
Here are the letters I got. Happy reading!

To: Garrett
Sorry if sometimes I get irritated because you’re enough to irritate me already sometimes because you’re too noisy.
From: Classmate 1

To: Garrett
Sorry Garrett because I also go on your opponent’s side.
From: Classmate 2

To: Garrett
Sorry because I always don’t respect you and I always say “blah blah blah blah” when you are talking to me. I always shout at you.
From: Classmate 3

To: Garrett
I’m sorry for saying in my mind you’re annoying and so noisy and sorry for saying bad words to you in my mind.
From: Classmate 4

To: Garrett
Garrett, I’m sorry if I always shut you up. I am so sorry because you are so talkative, but when you talk you gave me facts or opinions that I can learn. So, for being talkative I will thank you for all the facts that you are saying. Can you do me a favor? Please forgive me, and if you don’t, I will always seize myself for what I have done.
From: Classmate 5

To: Garrett
Sorry Garrett if I sometimes get mad at you. It’s just that, Garrett you’re so noisy but even if you are like that I am still your friend. Sorry if I am sometimes sensitive or insensitive.
From: Classmate 6

To: Garrett
I’m sorry Garrett, I’m really sorry because I always shout at you and I know you’re mad at me too. But, I’m always sorry.
Garrett, I always think you’re sort of a nerd and weird but you’re not!
I’m so sorry Garrett! I’m so sorry I bullied you! Please forgive me.
From: Classmate 7

To: Garrett
Sorry because I shout at you.
From: Classmate 8

To: Garrett
Sorry that before, me and your other classmates tease you. I did not know how you felt and that’s why I want to apologize.
From: Classmate 9

To: Garrett
I’m sorry if I teased you before but I will try my best not to do it anymore. But pls. my request is you can raise your hand before answering. I promise I haven’t told anyone your crush.
From: Classmate 10

To: Garrett
Sorry I made fun of you and thought you were annoying. It wasn’t until you told me that I stopped.
From: Classmate 11


One thought on “11 letters, 1 reason

  1. Dear Garrett,
    I am so sorry!!! I don’t know that you have a website!!! but Garrett, I am so sorry if sometimes I hurt your feelings!!! Please keep me updated if you have new letter to post!! I love the letters that you post!!! ^_^!!!

    Your Classmate,
    Bettina Calderon

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