Tips on Discipline

Mom was invited to give a talk in a parents’ orientation at the school where I studied in preschool. Mom asked me to write some tips on discipline for new parents. Here they are:

1. The idea that discipline is about punishment is a big fallacy. Unfortunately, many parents believe this mistaken notion. If you believe this, then try to believe this instead: Discipline is not about punishment, it’s about obedience for his/her own good.

2. Set up simple, everyday rules to be followed. Set up rules that your child is capable of ONLY, otherwise your child won’t follow your orders. Make sure that the rules are for his/her own good too.

3. If your child is always procrastinating that he’ll follow you later, let him be, but make him promise to do what you said. There’s an explanation behind the “Later”. Your child has a schedule like you, the problem is that it doesn’t match with the schedule you’re giving him.

4. You’ll need a lot of patience if your child can’t obey you yet. No one progresses at the same rate. Just keep giving orders until she/he gets the hang of it.

5. Your child’s personality is critical if you want rules to be followed. You can’t give demanding orders to an easy-going, care-free child, but make the orders easy but important.

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