My Dad

Dad&Garrett in SG 2010
My dad is hardworking, diligent, polite and firm. He works hard for me, Gabrielle and mom. He is never lazy, he always minds his manners, and he is a big believer in discipline. He can’t afford to always relax because he has to attend to his customers 24/7. He’s a huge fan of Apple because he uses the gadgets as a tool in his work. Here’s proof that he is a fan of Apple:
An iMac
Three iPhones (4, 4s, 5)
One Apple TV
A MacBook Air

If you ask me how he got those attitudes, read my post “Different Lives, Similar Values”.

Dad and I get confused on the date of Father’s Day, so I’m giving this message early.
Happy (advanced) Father’s Day, Dad! 🙂

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