Different Lives, Similar Values

dad&retMy mom was born with her three sisters, Ninang Arlene, Tita Diane, and Ninang Jen. Their mother is very generous and helpful. My mom is the ideal daughter any parent would want. Ninang Jen is nice and generous. Ninang Arlene is the eldest sister. My mom described her as most kikay, most friendly. Tita Diane is the youngest and the cutest sister (no offense, mom). The sisters get along fine.

My dad was born with two sisters and a brother, Tita Bilo, Ninang AG and Tito Butch. Their father and mother gave them tough love because their father was a believer in discipline. My paternal grandmother is helpful. Dad is also tough. He once defended his sister from her bullies in school by grabbing their shirts and threatening them to stop picking on his sister. Dad was the ideal son any couple wanted too.

My mom and dad both studied about agribusiness in the same university. That was how they met. They were friends. It took some time for mom to accept that dad was charming.

The wedding took place at Mount Makiling. Everyone who knew either mom or dad went there. So many relatives from both sides went there. Everyone was full of joy when they were officially married.

Mom and dad spent their honeymoon in Boracay, famous for its white sand.
They were intoxicated by the beach. Both of them were jolly, really.

I was born in Los Baños on October 16, 2002. I am happy, careless, talkative, kind.

My sister, Gabrielle, was born in Taytay on June 24, 2008. She’s naughty, happy, careless, talkative and cute (I admit her teeth aren’t cute).

I didn’t write this for fun. Today is May 5 and it’s my parents’ wedding anniversary.

Being a mother for mom is really a blessing, because she is happy about it.
Being a father for dad can be tiring, but nice.

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! We love you! 🙂

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