When I walk my dog

This summer, walking our dog is something I like to do after I do my Kumon. I always put the leash on our female Jack Russell terrier dog, named Chloe, then I walk out with someone. I enjoy doing this everyday.
What I want you to know is that we use Chloe as a watchdog with our Rottweiler dog, named Weiler. We also use her (Chloe) as a mouse-catcher. This makes it difficult to pull her out because she keeps looking for mice. You might think it’s a bit odd for a dog to catch mice, because it’s always done by cats. Well, it ain’t.
Another thing is that Chloe is very strong. Mom keeps worrying that I might trip on the leash. She (Chloe) walks zigzag. She would walk to the left, and I would pull her to the right, then she walks to the right, and I pull her to the left.

Chloe is trying to find a mate. I love this idea, because I wanna see Chloe’s puppies. Whenever she meets a dog, they would sniff at each other. We even had to stay away from male dogs! Every dog that sees her goes near her, really.

Chloe seems to be very interested with canals. Whenever she sees one, she automatically goes there. We always have to pull her from the canal.

That’s what happens when I walk my dog.




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