My favorite author

Roald Dahl is my favorite author well-known for his children’s books. I’m really a total fan of him. To prove it, I have eleven children’s books by Roald Dahl:
Matilda – It’s about a brilliant, sensitive, kind, small girl who loves reading born with parents who treat her, surprisingly like scabs and bunions. She studies in a village school ruled by a gigantic kid-hating mistress called Miss Trunchbull. She defends her favorite teacher, Miss Honey, for financial security.
James and the Giant Peach- It’s about a lonely boy named James Henry Trotter who accidentally drops magic crystals on a peach tree that doesn’t bear fruit, causing it to bear a peach as big as a house. James crawls inside the peach finding 7 overgrown insects. They snip off the stem, and the adventure begins.
The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me- It’s about a boy named Billy who encounters The Ladderless Window Cleaning Company consisting of a monkey, a giraffe and a pelican.
The Twits- It’s about a nasty, dirty, foolish couple whose names are Mr. Twit and Mrs. Twit that hate everything except play tricks on each other(not only on April Fool’s Day), have Bird Pie every Wednesday, and train their monkeys upside down.
George’s Marvelous Medicine: It’s about a boy who makes a medicine for her grandma who has odd views.
Fantastic Mr. Fox- It’s about a fox who saves his family from starvation.
The Magic Finger- It’s about a girl who accidentally places her magic finger on the Gregg family.
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory- It’s about a poor boy who finds a Golden Ticket, and is ready for a big adventure.
Going Solo- It’s the second autobiography of Roald Dahl as he writes his adventures as a fighter pilot during World War II.
The BFG- It’s about Sophie’s adventures with the BFG.
Esio Trot- It’s about Mr. Hoppy’s plan to win Mrs. Silver’s love.
Roald Dahl’s writing is very adventurous. You can imagine yourself with The Queen of England in The BFG, fly across the ocean on a peach in James and The Giant Peach, watch Mom and Michael shriek at Dad in Matilda, and more.
Some of Roald Dahl’s books have been turned into movies. Examples are: Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
There is a museum on Roald Dahl in Great Missenden. There you’ll find out a lot of Roald Dahl’s life.
For more information on Roald Dahl, go to

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