A surgery! But I’m not sick!

A surgery! But I’m not sick!
I bet you wanna know what surgery (or operation, if it isn’t a surgery) I had. If I’m right, here’s what you do:
1. Read this post.
2. Answer the question: “What operation is done on boys?”
Leave your answer on Comments. If you get the right answer, congrats!

Last Friday, I went to The Medical City to be circumcised by Dr. Gaston. I went to the 3rd floor, to the operating room. I was a total wreck when I got there. My dad answered some questions about me, the operation, allergies and more. I had to change to a gown and slippers and worse, I wasn’t supposed to wear my underwear!!!!! I have two things to say about it. First, I looked so ridiculous. I’m more of a shirt-and-short boy. Second, I was so so so so embarrassed, hoping no one will see me. I was sitting on a wheelchair when someone pushed it to the operating room. I laid down on a bed. One of the assistants put a shield so I wouldn’t see the operation. Kinda glad it happened.
Dr. Gaston injected an anesthesia at my bladder. It was so so so painful! Worse, the doctor told me not to clench my butt! I know you might think it’s ridiculous, absurd, dotty.
After that, the doctor with the assistants started the operation. I didn’t feel anything, really. All you feel are the doctor and the assistants moving “it”. The doctor kept making jokes, maybe to calm me down. When the operation ended, I felt like I was restricted from moving. I had to spray a cleaning solution. I had to take antibiotics. I had to even walk with my legs wide, and I couldn’t be a side-sleeper, which kept me up all night.
So, boys, this is what might happen to you when you get circumcised at The Medical City with Dr. Gaston.

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