Chocolate is very delicious
No wonder chocolate makers are so ambitious
Chocolate is very sweet
It’s just as sweet as red beet
Chocolate is such a hit
It’s everybody’s favorite
Chocolate makes each one happy
I think it can turn a sad person giggly
There was a greedy boy who is a fat dude
He goes by the name Augustus Gloop
He will grab anything that’s chocolate
That’s the reason why he’s always late
Once while he toured Mr. Wonka’s factory
He drank from a prohibited chocolate waterfall
He did not know his parents’ faces would be full of fury
And he regretted the fact that he drank from the chocolate waterfall
He got sucked up by a thin glass pipe
Which led him to where they make strawberry-flavored chocolate fudge
He got as thin as a stripe
He would never hold a grudge
Too much chocolate is bad
There was a person who had
A lot of times when he was late
Because he ate a lot of chocolate
Chocolate can be very good
Chocolate can be bad
What I’m telling you is that
Don’t eat a lot of chocolate

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