All it takes is one more glance and a bit more time

Some things which promise to be good at first glance may not seem good anymore later on. The opposite is true for some not-so-good things at first glance. This has happened to me with a book.
I was in a bookstore in SM City Taytay. I didn’t know what book I wanted. Mom bought a book titled ” Young Blood 4″. It was a book of selected articles from the Young Blood column of the Philippine Daily Inquirer written by young adults in the years 2005-2011. Mom suggested that I should read “Our other mother” by Nicole Perreras published on February 26,2005. It was about Nicole’s brother’s nanny for many years but moved to America for bigger salaries, and Nicole feeling guilty because their nanny still gives them gifts when they visit her.
At first, I didn’t like the book. It was on one night that I developed a liking for some articles. I’m naming a few:
1. “Hold-up” by Froilan Grate published on August 18, 2009
2. “Cheating” by Roger Fantonial Garcia on October 6, 2011
3. “The traveler” by Jenny Santi on May 6, 2007
Best of all is “Death of uncertainty” by Nice-Nice on May 14,2005.
Everyone in the book has their own story to tell. Eljohn Yee wrote about the gender stereotypes and playing with kitchen toys. Patricia G. Malong wrote about the reality of being an entrepreneur. Micca Basco wrote about her Nokia 3530.
The book has a lot of feelings. Love, joy, anger, realization and regret are just a few.
What I am trying to tell you is that the things you may not like can turn into things you like with one more glance or two. This might happen to you someday.

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