Spoiled Brats by A. Garrett Lubag

Spoiled brats are really bad
If you can’t get what they want, they’ll be so mad
Spoiled brats want to get what they want
They don’t care if their parents will grunt
Some spoiled brats want a lot of chocolate
They don’t care if the teacher will get mad because they’re late
Some want a lot of attention
Do not give them that, and they’ll trigger an explosion
Did you ever meet a spoiled brat called Veruca Salt?
I think she’ll yell at you what she wants if you’re an adult
She whines and whines and is whacking and ranting
I think she needs a good spanking
Once while she toured Mr. Wonka’s factory,
When she whined for a squirrel, she didn’t know she’ll be sorry
She went in the prohibited Nut Room
And it spelled her doom
The squirrels in the Nut Room threw her in a garbage chute
And no one thought it’s very cute
And it thought her a lesson in the factory
Don’t be a spoiled brat or you’ll be sorry
Who made her do this disgusting deed?
Who always gives in to her every need?
Alas! You don’t have to go far
To find who these guilty people are
The guilty people are(and it’s very sad)
Her rich parents, her MOM and DAD
So please don’t be a spoiled brat or you’ll be sorry
Like Veruca Salt in the factory

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