A visit to a University: More fun in UPLB

Mom woke me up at 5:30 a.m. Goodness, I was still sleepy, like many people who wake up by this time. I reluctantly got up from our warm bed, took a bath,ate breakfast, prepared myself to leave, and left the house.
We took an FX going to Robinsons Galleria. Mom was frantically trying to find a restroom, which was why we had to rush to get a bus going to LB(Los Baños). We were like two tourists who would go to any length to find their way, going around the footbridge like two people in a labyrinth of intersections. We ran(or jogged) down the stairs and caught the bus at the eleventh hour(or at the nick of time).
We got on the bus. We sat beside a nice-looking chap, since two seats in his place were empty. I noticed he looked quite, but not entirely like Sir Aldrin. I told mom about that. She told me that when you’re in a bus, you often rock back and forth. She asked me if inertia causes the rocking. I wanted to say it as a matter-of-fact, like it’s obvious, but I couldn’t, well, you know why, so I said a simple yes.
We were on the way to LB. We went through SLEX. I was a bit carsick, because I had to email JB Gamboa. He’s the author of LABAN!: A Love Story. You tell me your guess on what did I email him on Comments.
I always get dizzy when I’m in a moving vehicle and I see someone on his phone texting inside the vehicle I’m in. In the bus, we talked almost non-stop about everything.
We alighted at ”College”. We took a jeepney going to UPLB(University of the Philippines Los Baños). We stopped by the BIOSci bldg.. The university has a lot of buildings which are scattered. Mom and Dad met at College of Economics bldg..
We went to SESAM(School of Environmental Science and Management). Marge, mom’s officemate for 8 years(mom used to work in UPLB) greeted mom like it’s a Long Time No See. I don’t remember if they commented that they haven’t changed yet, but Ninang Vangie did with mom. I’ll tell you about her later. Tito Pol greeted her too like it’s a Long Time No See. Pol, Marge, and Gigi and Mom began chattering like a group of friends or “barkada” on a reunion. I told mom this is like a reunion.
We ate lunch at Bonitos. That’s where mom discovered welts on my left shoulder. I was itching crazily. We ordered a glass full of ice, mom had to go to a nearby drugstore to buy Zyrtec. I had to change my clothes three times(good thing my mom and I brought a shirt for me) all because I had welts. When mom left to buy Zyrtec(tablet version since it’s embarrassing to buy the liquid version and having to get a spoon and shoving it in the mouth in a restaurant), Tita Gigi (she’s irrevocably kind, likes to have a chat) talked to Tita Marge about my welts. I noticed that maybe I have the power to start a conversation. Despite that though, the food was very delicious. We walked back to UPLB, because it’s near.
We went to a subdivision (if I could just ask mom what was the name of the subdivision I would write it) to go to another office. We were walking to the subdivision when we ran into Ninang Vangie. When Ninang Vangie saw mom, they both commented in different ways that they never changed. Mom told me she was the librarian. She is still the librarian right now of UPLB. Ninang Vangie is very amiable. She’s very generous too. She even gave me Php 1,000! Mom tried to deny it, but I told her like she told me as a rule of society, don’t always gainsay offers, or else you’ll regret it. I accepted it gratefully. When we entered the subdivision, I commented that it was a nice subdivision. It looked like we were in the suburbs. We went to the UPLB Credit Cooperative. It looked a bit like the place where you pay your taxes. I found a remote and a TV, so I decided to watch. I turned on the TV, switched the channel to TV5, and watched the program “Pera o Para”. It’s a game played in a jeep . If you make a mistake, you get down the jeep. If you don’t, you stay on the jeep. If you survived every game on the jeep, you get a lot of money. It was fun to watch. Time flew so(5x) fast that I felt like it was three minutes and we left the bank.
We went inside the SESAM bldg.. We went upstairs, went inside a room and we found mom’s officemates (Tita Sofie and Tita Loids) when she was working in UPLB. They were so glad to see mom, and were surprised by how much I’ve grown. They had a big chat with each other. Tita Sofie looks a bit old but she is strong and she is the opposite of a killjoy because I took photos and she posed for me. Tita Loids is nice, amiable and fun to be with. Mom ordered on the phone from McDonald’s sundaes, fries, burgers and Coke. Everyone was very happy. We invited Tito Pol. We even invited the dean of the school! It was really great.
We had to leave, and that was hard. It was hard missing the people who loved us. We promised we would go back soon. It really was sad. But, we said our goodbye to all of the people who we saw. We’ll come back one day.





2 thoughts on “A visit to a University: More fun in UPLB

  1. Hi Garret! Had I known you have this blog about your visit at SESAM in full details, i visited your site earlier. Indeed you have a flair for writing. Manang-mana ka kay mommy mo. Keep it up.

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