It’s More Fun in Singapore

It’s still more fun in the Philippines. I just used this to catch attention. In this post, I am going to tell you about the first time(with some bits about the second time) I went to Singapore. Enjoy!

It started with a trip to Singapore so my mom could visit her endocrinologist Dr. Peter Eng. I had a passport so I was able to go with mom together with Lola Belen and Ninang Jen.


We flew to Singapore on Singapore Airlines. It was very nice. We had our personal TV. The Changi airport is very nice and huge.

We stayed at YMCA Hotel. The lobby had two massaging chairs and four computers for public use. We had a bathroom, a TV, and two beds. Our room and Lola’s room were just next to each other. In our room, there was a door connected to Lola’s room, so we didn’t have to get out to go to Lola’s room.

We went to Universal Studios. It was a lot of fun. Steven Spielberg put special effects on a storm, and we encountered it face to face without a screen. There was this super scary roller coaster ride called “Revenge of The Mummy”. I went there begging Mom to go with me with no idea this would be a top scarer of life. Moldy mozzarella, it was so scary! A mummy almost touched us, we went down abruptly, what’s more scary?

I didn’t see almost anything when I was riding it, because my eyes were closed almost all the time. When it was my second time to go to Singapore, we went to the newest ride called “Transformers: The Ride”. It was the best ride. The pictures, the adventure, they were better than any gadget you can get your hands on. We watched this show called Waterworld, which is about a battle for dry land. It’s wet, fun, and amazing.

We went to Mount Elizabeth(don’t be fooled by the name, it’s a hospital) without Lola and Ninang Jen. I met Mom’s endocrinologist Dr.Peter Eng. He was a fine doctor, and was very Chinese-looking.

We then went to Science Centrum. Believe me, people who love science should really go there. Reasons why people should go there:
1. They have cool things in there.
2.They have awesome shows. I visited a show on sound and during the second visit I visited a show on balloons.
3. They have a center called Snow City. It’s full of snow. I visited that place on my second visit to Science Centrum.
I had a BIG blast in the Science Centrum. I was sad when the time came that I had to go back to the hotel.

We went to Night Safari. Everything there was awesome. There was a show featuring nocturnal animals. They even showed an animal throwing trash in bins!
There was a tram ride showing nocturnal animals. It was nice, glamorous, Imeldific, and more.

We then ate at nice food courts. I gotta tell you, you should try them out. They’re super delicious. We tried a lot of hawkers, and we loved it.

Of course, we had to go home to the Philippines. We were sad to go, but we would go back soon.

I have DYK to tell you about Singapore. Enjoy!

How do people know Singapore? They know it because it’s the smallest country in the whole wide world. Just like Philippines, Singapore is located in Southeast Asia. Singapore is relatively near to Philippines.

Singapore has won The Top Intelligent Community of The Year award. Some other people know Singapore because of this.

Nurses are scarce in Singapore. Reader’s Digest said that there are 57 nurses for 10,000 patients.
Singapore has no language of it’s own. It’s mostly Chinese, Malay and English.
Singapore can be a haven of shopaholics. There is a lot of malls.


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