Getting A Salary Without Formal Work And Being Frugal with Cash

Part One: Earning Money Even during Weekends or Holidays
1. During December, go around your neighborhood caroling.
2. If you have a day off (for adults) or you don’t have school (for kids), you can spend the time selling ice cream on hot days or ice candy or Popsicles.
3. You can offer babysitting services.
4. You can offer someone to rake his or her backyard during fall in America and let them decide how much they should pay you.
5. You can offer to take care of someone’s house when they are away and let them decide how much to pay you.
6. Set up a store in your neighborhood.
How to set up a store:
A. Make a list of what you are going to sell.
B. Buy lots of the things on your list. For example, if bottles of water are on your list, buy lots of bottles of water.
C. Plan the prices of the products you bought. Add 20% to the purchase price. If your ketchup costs Php 20, multiply it by 0.2, then add that to 20.
D. Plan on what kind of store you are going to have. There is a traveling store which you move using a bike or pushcarts, semipermanent store which doesn’t have it’s own market place, and seen near business buildings, and permanent store which has a market place.
E. If you are going to have a permanent store, plan where you will set it up. It’s good if you know which place is the most populous.
F. Have fun.
7. Sell newspapers.

Part Two: Saving Money in Any Way
1. Open a bank account.
2. If you are a parent whose child is to go to college, choose a college that consumes half or a quarter of your savings.
3. If you’re tempted to buy something more than Php 1,000 or $100, wait for 24 hours and think if it’s really important.
4. Use cash for things you want, and credit card for needs.
5. If you can, don’t use it unless it’s an emergency.
6. If you’re in a choice of wants and needs, go for needs. Needs are more important
7. Water is important, but don’t spend a lot for water bills.
If you have more ideas on saving or earning money, leave them in Comments.

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