Ways to save the environment and energy

My reason and my goal for writing this is that I want to change the world using simple ideas on saving the environment and saving energy.

Saving the environment 
1. Jot down notes using any tablet (I mean the tablet like the IPad and Blackberry Playbook) and a stylus pen to save trees and ink (paper is made of trees). You can encourage your school to go paperless and use any tablet and a stylus pen instead (unless the school disagrees).
2. If you’re looking for a notebook, buy the notebook that uses recycled paper.
3. Write on both sides of a sheet of paper. If you have no-longer-needed documents that are printed on one side, use them as scratch paper.
4. To reduce the greenhouse effect, (this might seem silly, and if no food makes you pass gas, you can’t do this) don’t eat foods that make you pass gas because the gas you pass is methane that contains sulfur, and methane plays a role in the greenhouse effect.
5. Reuse your kitchen waste as a fertilizer for your plants. Much of the kitchen waste is in the landfill, and you can reduce your amount of trash by doing this.
6.  Use mechanical pencils instead of wood pencils to save trees.
7. Use rechargeable batteries as a replacement for disposable batteries to reduce your amount of trash per year. I would recommend Powerloop, a ready-to-use rechargeable battery made by Sanyo.
8.Use toilet paper that uses recycled paper (I don’t have to tell you why, just look@ 1 and 6).
 9.Use organic products with no chemicals to benefit you and the environment like Human Nature.
10.Join a tree-planting campaign (or make your own campaign).
11. Save the water that was used for rice washings to be used when watering the plants. This saves water.
12.Go to school or work very early so that you will not waste gasoline for being stuck in traffic, thus reducing the impact of global warming.
Saving energy
1. Don’t use your air conditioner all the time. Let in some fresh air.
2. Don’t charge your smartphone unless it’s really depleted at night.
3. When you eat in your backyard at night, go for candles instead of lights(be sure that you know how to use candles, and NEVER place them near combustibles and NEVER place them on a tippy container if you don’t want a fire).
4. If you’re buying appliances, look for appliances that save energy, like Panasonic and LG.
5. Change your incandescent bulbs to either LED or fluorescent bulbs. 
6. You do not have to turn on the lights during daytime.
7. Don’t watch and watch TV. You’ll waste electricity and you will get addicted. Switch to books and physical games.
8. Unplug your appliances when not in use. Start by not always plugging your charger and leaving it like that.
9. Limit the use of each electrical object like the computer.
10. If you want to cool yourself, just go for a ceiling fan which consumes little energy but cools the room.
11. If you don’t want to keep charging your phone, reduce the artificial light it makes.
12. Use a laptop instead of a computer.
For more ideas on saving the environment or energy, leave them in Comments.

4 thoughts on “Ways to save the environment and energy

  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing.

    Here are my suggestions:
    1) Bring your own container, cup, and utensils when you take away food instead of using disposable containers.
    2) Carpool.
    3) When traveling, support eco-tourism.
    4) Buy local products. It takes less energy than having to import produts from half way around the world.
    5) Try going vegetarian once a week. It takes less water and energy to grow plant products than to produce meat.

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