The Time My Sister Has Gone Bad

Kuya & Gabee

Everyone has experienced the time their siblings have gone bad. I am one of those. In this story, I’ll tell you what happened.
It all started with a sheet of paper. Gabee, my sister was messy, so she left it on the floor. Our nanny “Yaya Belle” put it on the cover of the trash can,swept the floor and forgot about it. When Gabee saw the sheet of paper, she was angry. It was because it showed her work. Thus, Gabee exploded the bomb of anger. 
She shouted to “Yaya Belle” that she was “bwisit”. She then said that she was a “sumbongera”. I realized that I should tell it to mom. While I was texting mom about what happened, Gabee started to cry like a baby! She kept on shouting ‘ Erase that! (2x)’ When I sent it already, she started to cry like a baby again. Mom texted me that I should be responsible because I’m the big brother. Then she texted me how to stop Gabee from doing it again. It never worked. She won’t say sorry. 
When Mom came, Gabee won’t come to her to bless. Then, strangely, she stopped doing bad. I was kind of glad that she was back to her normal attitude.

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