The City Of Fog

On our way to Taal Vista hotel, Tagaytay, it was so foggy. This is the first time I’ve seen fog. Fog was so thick it was almost like zero visibility. The fog was due to an inversion. Yesterday it was cold that cold air was touching the ground. The warm air was above the ground. Since the cold air cannot go up, it had to stay down. The hot air gets condensed into droplets because of the cold air, turning it into fog. When dad took photos of us at taal vista hotel, he commented that he was taking pictures with the cloud surrounding us.

In the hotel, I was awestruck by the beauty of the hotel inside. I needed to go to the restroom. But, I couldn’t leave Gabee alone since I’m the baby-sitter of Gabee. As a result, I had to bring her with me to the restroom. I am a boy, so I had to bring my sister( Gabee) to the male restroom. As I peed, I was worried about mom saying”Hello hello where have Garrett and Gabee gone?” Then I heard mom’s voice. Quickly, I brought gabee out of the restroom. Then,I saw mom’s face, looking kind of worried. Then she scolded me for bringing Gabee to the male

restroom Then, we started to look for our room number, 106. We asked someone for help,since we couldn’t find our room. Mom took the shortcut,while we( dad,gabee and me) took the long way.

A man wearing a brown suit, gladly showed us the way. We followed him towards our room. We went inside, and then we found mommy waiting for us. She told us that she was waiting for us. We then told her that we exercised more than her. Then, I asked mom what’s the room number of Tita Diane. She then told us the room number,103. Then we went to the room. Then the nanny of Andi Marie opened the door that said 102. I realized that I knocked on the wrong door. Then I went inside the room and found Tita Diane lying on the bed.

I spent almost all of my time with my sister and Andi Marie. We played hide-and-seek. Then I took pictures of Gabee and Andi Marie using an app of Ninang Jen’s Ipad called Photo Booth. There are nine photo effects. Here are the effects:

1.Normal effect

2.Thermal effect

3.Mirror effect

4.Kaleidoscope effect

5.Twirl effect

6. X-ray effect

7.Light Tunnel effect

8.Stretch effect

9.Squeeze effect

The results of the photos are that some look funny, and some looked like twins.

For dinner, we ate at a restaurant called Bon Giorno. We had to wait for the table for one and a half hour. I spent the time typing this paragraph. Tita Diane took photos of Gabee and Andi Marie using her camera, the Sony Cybershot TX10.

When the table arrived,we took our seat. We ate spaghetti pesto, bolognaise and white spaghetti. My favorite was the spaghetti pesto. It was a little greasy, but that was olive oil. I invented the spaghetti sandwich by putting spaghetti pesto into two slices of sandwich. It tasted nice. While waiting for the others to finish, I played dad’s Iphone 4s. When everyone was finished, we went back to the hotel. I took a bath, did my kumon, then went to room 102. Me,Gabee,and Andi Marie played hide-and-seek. It was fun! When the time came to sleep, I slept with ninang jen.

To be continued…Image

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