T. Jali Fernando

                T. Jali was my most loved teacher in second grade. Her hair is bouncy , her attitude is sweet,and her voice is comforting. She cared for us all and treated us like her children. 

                Most of the time, I looked forward to her Reading and Language lessons. She taught in a nice way with a nice tone. I remember our last Language project  which was a 5-step demonstration. I demonstrated how to make fresh orange juice. I enjoyed the project.
               When it was our recognition day, I got the “Inquisitive” award. Soleil, my classmate had to explain the meaning of the word. “Inquisitive” meant: always asking questions. In my opinion, I got it because I asked a lot of questions during the Science Expo
               There were bad moments. I once had enough of teasing and bullying that I hit four students. My classmates used to call me bad names.
               There were also good moments, like having her in our team, Green Rapa Nui during our Sportsfest. There was a shocking event. I had to remove my shirt for the cheering. I was dumbstruck. I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK!(just exaggerated)
              When she left our school, I missed her so much, I wanted to sing” I Can’t Smile Without You” to her. Right now she’s teaching in Zanzibar. She’s spreading her love to her fellow students. I hope you will, too be like her.


2 thoughts on “T. Jali Fernando

  1. Even when you were in Grade 2, I knew you were a talented writer. I’m so happy you decided to hone your writing skills by starting a blog. I think it’s great that you write not only about your experiences but also about other things you feel passionate about like the environment. Hongera (“congratulations” in Swahili)! Keep writing! Hugs from your fan in Zanzibar, Teacher Jali.

  2. I knew from first sight you were a caring, affectionate teacher. Spread the love you gave us to your students in Zanzibar. Imagine your love as peanut butter, the students as a slice of bread, and a knife as you. I’m so happy you are spreading your love to poor children. Enjoy what you’re doing right now. From your student, Garrett

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