Jun-Jun and the Paper

Jun-Jun was a poor boy in Japan. His dream was to fold paper for the poor. One day he asked an origami instructor “Please will you teach me how to fold paper?” “What! A poor boy wants to fold?” The instructor exclaimed.Jun-Jun walked away sadly.
Jun-Jun was asleep when a fairy named Mitsue piled at least a million sheets of colored paper. The fairy then flew away.
When Jun-Jun woke up, he was surprised to see the pile of paper. He decided to fold one sheet of colored paper. The origami turned real! Now Jun-Jun was even more surprised.
Now Jun-Jun understands that every origami folded from a sheet of paper from the pile will turn real. So he thought and thought on who will he fold for. Then he decided to fold for the poor.
So then, he started to fold. He folded toys for children, pots,pans and plates for the adults and clothes for everyone.
The news about the paper spread to everyone in Japan.It even spread to the greedy emperor Huang Lun.
When Huang Lun heard the news, he shouted “I WANT THOSE SHEETS OF PAPER!!” So he told his army to get Jun-Jun to get the sheets of paper.
But Jun-Jun refused to give it up. So he was bound and brought to the greedy emperor.
“Fold me a mountain!” Huang Lun commanded.But Jun-Jun folded a pot. “Fold me a frog!” Huang Lun commanded again. But Jun-Jun folded a rooster. Huang Lun got furious so Jun-Jun was thrown into prison.
Huang Lun folded a mountain of gold using a sheet of colored paper from the pile. But it turned into rocks. Huang Lun then folded a boat. But it turned into a dragon that almost bit his head off. 
Jun-Jun knew that the paper will lose its magic in the emperor’s hands. So he told the emperor in exchange for his freedom he will fold anything that the emperor wished. The emperor accepted.
“Fold me the grass.”Huang Lun commanded. Jun-Jun folded the grass. “Where are the animals?” Huang Lun asked. Jun-Jun folded the animals. There were lions, zebras, tigers and more.then the lions ran after Huang Lun. “Enough!” He yelled. But Jun-Jun did not listen. Eventually, he was eaten by lions.


(Based on the story of the Magic Paintbrush.)

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